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WWE Raw 23/6/14 – Stephanie McMahon – Vickie Guerrero segment 

Stephanie McMahon entered the arena first as the show started. Footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw was shown where the authority declared that Roman Reigns would not be competing in the WWE World Heavyweight championship match qualifying battle royal, and Vickie Guerrero later included into that same match. Stephanie McMahon grabbed a mic and started with her usual broad smile. She said that as a principal owner of this million dollar company, one thing she could not bear is negligence. She gave the example of Vickie Guerrero could get her boss a simple cup of coffee. She ordered Vickie Guerrero to come out and to face the consequences. Vickie Guerrero came out and no music hit.

Vickie entered the ring and said that she was so glad to see Stephanie doing better. She was really sorry for what happened last week. She said that she knew who put that thing in her coffee last week, and it was Roman Reigns. Stephanie McMahon said that it was interesting that she mentioned the name of Roman Reigns but it was her biggest failure to date. Her husband and she gave her some specific and simple directions, which was not to allow Roman Reigns to compete in the over the top rope battle royal last week. And now, not only did Roman Reigns compete but he won. Therefore, Roman Reigns would compete for the WWE World Heavyweight championship at the Money in the bank ladder match, which means he had a chance of being the champion and that was on Vickie. Vickie Guerrero apologized and said that it would not happen again. Stephanie McMahon said that Vickie Guerrero was in the job for nine years after the death of her husband Eddie Guerrero.

They took pity on her, they could not allow her to be a diva, so they appointed her as the general manager, but he could not even do that right. Fans chanted the name of Eddie Guerrero. Stephanie said that Eddie might deserve that respect but she did not. Stephanie was about to say ‘you are fired’ but Vickie stopped her and requested for another chance. She said that she would do better this time and she would do anything. She would even beg. Stephanie ordered Vickie to beg. Vickie begged for her job on her knees. Stephanie ordered her to stand up and said she could not even do that properly. She said that she gave her two options, either she fired her, or Vickie could be the general manager of Smackdown by winning her match tonight against Stephanie McMahon. Fans were really delighted hear it. Vickie Guerrero said that there was one name in this company that the fans respected more than McMahon and that was Guerrero. Vickie Guerrero accepted Stephanie’s challenge.

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