The show started as the highlights of Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins from Hell in a Cell pay per view event was shown which Seth Rollins won followed by John Cena vs. Randy Orton which was won by John Cena.

The show started as the Authority (Triple HKane and Stephanie McMahon) was seen standing inside the arena. Stephanie McMahon welcomed everyone to Monday Night Raw. She said that she knew that the fans were happy to see the authority’s presence. The fans booed to hear this. She said who missed Hell in a Cell pay per view last night, they missed one hell of a show, and those who watched it on WWE Network they got way more than the Money they spent. The two Hell in a Cell matches were all over the price submission.

Triple H then expressed his sorrow for Randy Orton who lost against John Cena at Hell in a Cell pay per view event and referred their match as an ‘epic’ Hell in a Cell’ match. Then he talked about Seth Rollins who defeated Dean Ambrose at Hell in a Cell pay per view event inside Hell in a Cell, he addressed Seth Rollins as the future of WWE. Triple H introduced Seth Rollins and requested the fans to welcome him.

Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins came out to the arena, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble came along with him. Stephanie McMahon wanted the fans to show their reaction for Seth Rollins, the fans booed him very loud. The fans started chanting ‘You Sold Out.’

Seth Rollins said that finally the Lunatic Fringe is out of his path once and for all. He said that last night he proved that Dean Ambrose was nothing in front of him, they had an epic battle but the better man won. He said now he was done with Dean Ambrose, he could now see on his horizon the man who defeated Randy Orton last night. He said that he was moving on to John Cena. The fans booed to hear John Cena’s name. ‘Let’s go Cena, Cena sucks’ chant started.

Seth Rollins mocked the fans ‘blah, blah, blah.’ Then he said that later on that night, he would be able to see John Cena, as he mocked Cena’s ‘You can’t see me’ style. He said that everyone in the arena would be able to see John Cena just like he left Dean Ambrose last night at Hell in a Cell.
Seth Rollins was about to leave as Randy Orton came out to the arena. Orton entered the ring and apologized in a sarcastic tone for interrupting them. He asked Seth on what he said being the self proclaimed future of the WWE. He kept on saying, he loathed his anger on Seth Rollins for curb stomping him last week. My god he showed some crazy mic skill. Didn’t know if he was capable of that much!

Orton suddenly attacked Seth Rollins. The other authority members tried to stop him. Kane hold Seth and Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury prevented Randy Orton. Triple H wanted them to calm down. He ordered Orton to relax and said that he was not doing this on that night. Then he asked Orton to take the night off because it was not the right place for him right now, emotions were too high. Orton suddenly hit RKO on Seth Rollins and left the arena. Triple H looked really frustrated. They picked Seth who looked really hurt. They left the arena.

Match 1 – WWE Tag Team championship – Gold and Stardust defeated Big Show Mark Henry. Mark Henry turned heel in this match. A little argument was noticed between Big Show and Mark Henry was seen during the match. Big Show was about to pin Stardust after the knock out punch, suddenly Mark Henry came inside and nailed Big Show with the World’s Strongest Slam. He allowed Stardust to take the pin and after the match Mark Henry beat down Big Show badly.

Backstage Renee Young asked Mark Henry why he hit Big Show. Henry said that Big Show was the world’s largest athlete and he was the world’s strongest man but always wanted to be Henry, he always was jealous of him, and always would be.

Michael Cole and the other commentators welcomed Roman Reigns who were seen via satellite. Reigns said that he was progressing well and he would be back very soon. JBL asked Reigns of his views on last night’s Hell in a Cell match between his former partners Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Reigns praised Ambrose and condemned Seth for hiding behind Wyatt. He said that Seth always hid behind Reigns and Dean during his Shield days. Seth claimed himself as the future of WWE, Reigns said when he would be medically cleared, he would make him the past and he wanted him to believe that.

Match 2 – WWE Divas champion AJ Lee defeated Alicia Fox. Paige who was on the commentary box distracted Alicia during the match and AJ pinned her with the School Girl pin. After the match, Paige attacked Alicia Fox and beat her down badly.

John Cena came out to the arena. mixed reaction showed by fans, mostly booed him. He tried to excite the fans first. He said that last night was an epic night. It might not be end of John Cena vs. Randy Orton but it certainly was one of the chapters of all. Two men went through hell for an opportunity, a single opportunity to face the beast, an opportunity to be the best.

Cena said that last night at Hell in a Cell he defeated Randy Orton and he earned the opportunity to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Brock Lesnar sat at home and thought he was a champion, Cena was there every night fighting like a champion, and next time he went one on one with him, Lesnar would lose.

He said that from now on, whatever he did would be a statement for Brock Lesnar just like last night. He went through a twelve times world champion and a future hall of famer inside hell in a cell.

Cena talked about Seth Rollins, Mr. Money in the Bank and the self proclaimed future of the WWE got a first class wake up call, because the future was not tomorrow, neither next month nor next month. If he claimed himself as the future Cena would go through the future, because Seth Rollins was going one on one with him on that night.

Stephanie interfered and entered the ring. Stephanie McMahon first congratulated Cena for his victory last night and she could not wait for the main event of that night, but she also could not wait for Survivor Series where they would see a traditional Survivor Series tag team elimination match.
Stephanie said that she had a business proposition for him. He worked so hard. He worked so hard to get cheered by the fans. But he did not have to do it. She asked if she could hear when they chant ‘Cena sucks.’ She said that she did not want to offend her, she wanted to do what was best for business. It did not matter if they cheer his name right now, they actually loved to see him in pain, they loved to see him suffering, they loved to see him in bloods.

She said that he did all those things for their appreciation. But it did not have to be that hard. He could join the authority. She accepted that it sounded crazy, but in the authority, he would be respected. She said that she was going to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight championship, he was going to face a man who beat him up before. But she thought the authority might offer him a little bit of insurance. They might help guaranty a victoryナ..
ナ.. concluded in the next part


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