The footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw was shown where Paige attacked WWE Divas champion AJ Lee after their tag team match. She beat AJ down badly. Paige grabbed a mic and said that he she just wanted to take the record straight of it. She was young so sometime she let her emotions come before her but she still considered AJ Lee as her best friend in the whole wide world. But the situation of last week was different. Last week she did not think about her as a friend, she thought her as the one who took her title. And she admitted that she crossed the line. But she promised that she would never act in that way ever again.

WWE Divas champion AJ Lee came out in her usual dancing manner. AJ Lee entered the ring and grabbed the mic. She asked Paige she really thought that anybody in the arena would trust her. Paige interrupted her and tried to convince her. AJ Lee said that she was not finished talking. She said that got it, she knew how it felt to lose the Divas championship and she pointed to the title. She said that they work hard their entire life to earn it. And talking about taking that title away from her instantly, Paige did the same thing to her as well. But if Paige wanted to be like her, if she wanted to skip around the ring just like her, then be like her. She did not play little girl games. She did not smile in front of someone and whisper behind their back. If she had a problem with her, if she did not like her, if she wanted to talk crap about her, it would going to be on her face like a real woman.

Paige said that she could swear that she was her real friend and if she did not believe her then she guessed she was real crazy. AJ Lee did not like what she called her. Paige smiled and apologized and said that she did not want her to call that, she should have never make of her mental health.

AJ Lee got seriously angry and Paige wanted her to calm down. AJ Lee smiled and jumped on Paige straight. She threw Paige out of the ring and smashed her back on the barricade. She attempted to smash her with the steel post but Paige somehow avoided the beating. Paige escaped by still trying to convince her. She was not smiling anymore.



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