Here are some highlights of Seth Rollins’ interview on Monday Night Raw taken by Michael Cole.

Michael Cole – Seth, Welcome.

Seth Rollins – Thank you.

Michael Cole – It’s been a lot of talks over the past week about…..

Seth Rollins – Michael, let me stop you before you started, because I don’t… (he looked at the fans to hear their reaction, they booed him), look I don’t get it, I don’t understand what all the controversy you are talking about, it’s all about I mean we are talking what I did last week, is that the whole deal? Because for me, that was not a big deal. I was just doing what was business for business or it was best for my business. The Shield, Michael, the greatest faction in the history of WWE, created by me. You don’t think I have the right to destroy my own creation? It takes an architect, a master mind, to put together a faction like the Shield. You think Dean Ambrose is anyway responsible for that? Dean Ambrose is a lunatic. And Roman Reigns, you will never anger fiery in a man like you see in Roman Reigns. He is nothing, he is worthless. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are nothing without me. They owe me every ounce of success they have ever achieved.

Michael Cole – Seth, many people will argue that the Shield was about three individuals who came together to form an awesome team just about one man.

Seth Rollins – You know I guess we will find out later tonight when the pathetic remnants of the Shield have themselves lost against the Wyatt Family. Let me ask you a question Michael; why there is such a surprise? I took the Shield to very top as high as we can go, we beat everybody, we conquered the World, Michael. At Payback, we beat Evolution in a clean sweep, and from every experience in life we should learn something. You know what I learned from Evolution? I learned to be a success in this business you have to evolve, you have to adapt. (the fans chanted ‘you sold out’). I’ve bought in the Evolution of Seth Rollins. And another thing that you won’t admit’ it took a lot of guts to do what I did last week. I stabbed my brothers. And maybe to Roman Reigns, we were brothers, but to me, we were just business partners.

Seth continued for a while more and then he said that they threatened him beat down. He called them down. The Shield came out. As they were about to enter the ring, The Wyatt Family came out to take the place of Seth Rollins. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan was standing in place of Seth. They started fighting with the Shield. Rollins went inside. Reigns and Ambrose almost caught him but Bray Wyatt came for the rescue. The Wyatt Family started beating the Shield and Seth Rollins escaped. John Cena came out as the helping hand of the Shield and they took out the Wyatt Family out of the ring.


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