The Three man Band was looked to be standing in the ring. Heath Slater attempted to say something, his actual intension was to talk crap about the Shield. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns entered the arena from the crowd as they always do and attacked the 3MB. They broke into a fight. 3MB tried to give wealthy fight but got beat down badly. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns single handedly beat down the three members of the three man band; Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre.

They entered the ring after the fight. Dean Ambrose grabbed the mic and started things off in his usual style by saying that the Shield was unstoppable. They have dominated everyone they beat everybody who step foot into the ring with them, even Evolution. But they were poor not to know about the cancer they had in their side. And the name of that cancer was Seth Rollins. The fans thoroughly booed after they heard the name of Seth Rollins.

Dean Ambrose reminded that the history of professional wrestling was full of people like Seth Rollins who sold themselves to the authority. Dean Ambrose threatened Seth Rollins when he would get his hands on his face he would completely destroy it. He said that Seth Rollins was a scum, and they were all waiting to hear what that scum had to say on that night. They were going to listen to every word that he would say and then they would beat the hell out of him.

It was Roman Reigns’ turn now. He started things off for himself by saying that Seth was the scum of the earth and he would not have brothers in his back anymore. But he was not the only part of the problem, the other part was Randy Orton who thought that he was the face of the company, Roman Reigns threatened Randy Orton that when he would get his hands on him, he would be the a** of the company. And when he was done with Randy Orton, he was coming for Triple H. He mocked Triple H’s nickname ‘The King of Kings’. He finished the segment by saying that they were going to have their own game of thrown and he commanded him to believe to that.

Then he threw the microphone away and the fans cheered for them wildly. They posed to the crowd for a while and left the arena after that.


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