Stephanie McMahon came out to the arena. Stephanie said that it felt great to be back on Baltimore. She said that it broke her heart when she saw that the family of the Bellas ripped apart. She reminded that she wrestled her own father on the same building about ten years ago (it was actually eleven years ago, she fought Vince McMahon at no Mercy pay per view event in 2003 and that match would also be available at WWE Network for $9.99). After that match they realized that there was nothing more important than family. So it was the time to bring Brie and Nikki back together, and she could think of one man who could just that. She welcomed Jerry Springer.

Jerry Springer came out to the arena with his security guard Jason. Jerry entered the ring and thanked the fans for the worm welcome, and she thanked Stephanie McMahon for the introduction. He said that he had been dealing with family problems since last twenty four years in his show, and when he heard what happened between Nikki and Brie, so he was asked to come out to try to resolute the bad bloods between the two sisters.

Jerry first introduced Brie Bella. Brie came out to the arena. Footage from last week was shown where Nikki wanted Brie to quit and Brie hit Nikki back. Jerry told Brie he could see on that footage that she was abused by Nikki first and then she hit back her sister. The very next day, Brie tweeted an apology. Jerry asked why she was apologizing.

Brie Bella said that she could not forgive Nikki for all that she did to her and evils she told about her, but she was her sister, she should not have come to her classless level. Jerry said when she said that she did not come to her level, she was implying that she was better than her. Brie said that Nikki was the one who wanted sister like this.

Jerry introduced Nikki Bella. Nikki Bella came out to the arena. She entered the ring and shook hands with Brie. Nikki said that she had accepted her apology last week but she did not forgive her for treating Nikki like a second class sister in all these years. But Nikki wanted to move on, because she was a sophisticated, intelligent woman. She was really happy about the fact that she was going to have a Divas championship match in two weeks, and that was why she would not let Brie’s negativity let her down. She said that she felt sorry for Brie.

Jerry repeated to Brie what Nikki told that she felt sorry for Brie. Brie said that it all happened at Summerslam. Jerry interfered and said it actually happened before Summerslam and showed a number of footages from Total Divas where Brie and Nikki fought in words.

After the footage, Nikki said that everybody could clearly see what Nikki had been through. She accused Brie for their father’s departure. Nikki said that neither she would be with a daughter like Brie who was so attention seeking. Jerry said that it was funny that Nikki mentioned her dad because they were trying to track things down.

Jerry showed another footage where Brie and Nikki’s father Jonathon Garcia wanted Jerry to help them. Next, Jerry showed a footage where their mother Kathy Colace who said that they had been through a lot of tough times, so she wanted them together for themselves, not for the fans, neither for her. She reminded that they had a bond between each other which no one could break. She said that she was sorry for Nichole (Nikki) that she felt that way, she addressed Brie as the responsible and matured one and said she wanted her to be that person.

Jerry said that it seemed their mother wanted Brie to swallow her pride. Brie said that no matter what their mom and dad said, it was Nikki who cost her match, it was Nikki who broke her heart and it was Nikki who to be blamed to create all this mess. But that was okay for Brie, because at least she had JJ in her corner. Jerry said that JJ was their younger brother. They confirmed it, and Jerry said that they have got JJ in the arena so he asked JJ to come out to the arena.

JJ Garcia came out to the arena. As JJ entered the ring, Jerry told that he knew both of his sisters, so he asked JJ whom did he think was wrong in this case. JJ said that they all knew who was to blame, he looked at Brie and said she needed to stop acting like the victim because (he looked at Nikki) Nikki was not the victim. Nikki screamed and said that she was the victim.

Nikki and Brie could control their emotions anymore and they broke into a fight. Jerry Springer tried to stop them and they went down with them. JJ pulled Brie back, and Nikki towards them and she attempted to slap Brie but she accidentally slapped JJ. Brie took Nikki down to the floor, Brie sat on Nikki’s belly and started pounding her head on the floor. Stephanie McMahon came out to stop them, but they could not be stopped. They kept on fighting. Security guards finally came in to stop the two sisters.

Security guards took both Brie and Nikki out of the arena. The fans chanted Jerry Springer’s name. Jerry looked hurt and had no strength to walk. A stretcher was brought in to take Jerry Springer out of the arena.



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