The Authority confronted Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan – 

The show started as Roman Reigns came out to the arena. He entered the ring and said that last week he stood inside the ring as the winner of 2015 Royal Rumble which guaranteed him a main event at WrestleMania, which said that he would fight Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31 and he would beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Reigns kept on saying as he said that the Authority wanted him not to go on to WrestleMania. Now he would beat Daniel Bryan at Fast Lane and would earn his opportunity to go on to WrestleMania. Whoever would get his way he would spear him down.

Daniel Bryan came out to the arena. Daniel Bryan entered the ring and said that he did not come out to fight him, he actually came out to thank him because Reigns came out during Bryan’s match with Rollins and he speared the Big Show which was amazing and without that Seth Rollins might have beaten him. So he wanted to come out to thank him for the opportunity last week.

Bryan said that now Reigns had an opportunity of his own at WWE Fast Lane. He reminded the match and the stipulation of the match; Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns. And the winner would go on WrestleMania 31 to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Bryan said that Reigns was bigger than him, stronger than him, but when it came to looks he would say they were even. But the reality was, what everybody knew in the crowd, Bryan was a better wrestler than Reigns.

The Authority came out to the arena. Stephanie McMahon told that she understood the two of them were all ramped up for Fast Lane. She reminded that Fast Lane was available for free at the WWE Network on the month of February. Triple H reminded that he was going face to face with Sting on the same pay per view. He told that he wanted an answer by the end of that night.

Stephanie McMahon spoke to Roman Reigns, she said that not only he cost Seth Rollins his match last week, but then he speared the innocent Big Show, and it was because Big Show pinned him earlier of that night in the middle of the ring. Reigns said that he actually did it because he could.

Stephanie said that it was even worse. Two weeks ago he stuffed Kane into a casket and closed the lid. She said that Bryan was so sick and twisted. Bryan said reminding what Triple H did in caskets, he thought they would appreciate it. Stephanie McMahon announced a tag team action between Kane and Big Show vs. Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan.

One vs. All is all well and good as Roman Reigns’ mantra in his ongoing crusade, but The Big Dog found himself in a Two vs. Two predicament not long after he opened Raw by addressing his current situation alongside — and against — Daniel Bryan. The budding rivalry between the two wasn’t without its barbs but remained, all in all, friendly. That turned out to be ideal, though, as The Authority soon emerged to test the chemistry between the two fan favorites by pitting them against Big Show and the risen Kane in an impromptu tag team contest.

Match 1 – Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns def. Kane & Big Show via Disqualification

This could have gone better. Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns’ unsteady partnership against The Authority got off to an inauspicious start when their tag-team bout against Kane & Big Show dissolved into an all-out brawl in Raw’s opening moments. The melee came about when Bryan had Kane trapped in the “Yes!” Lock, after which Show came to The Big Red Monster’s rescue and tossed The Beard through the barricade, cementing the disqualification conclusion of the bout.

This development brought out Reigns, who literally came out swinging — a steel chair, that is, clubbing the giant across the body with the implement until Kane snagged him in a Chokeslam. Bryan’s attempted interference on his partner’s behalf ended poorly, though, as he accidentally dropkicked Reigns in the face, sending all goodwill out the window. Sensing blood in the water, The Authority announced that Reigns and Bryan would team up again later in the evening to face the entirety of their ranks: Kane, Show, Seth Rollins and J&J Security all at once.

Match 2 – Ryback def. Seth Rollins via Disqualification

Even at the peak of their powers, The Authority doesn’t usually kick off nights on such a positive note as this. Moments after The Authority tossed Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns into the fire, Seth Rollins laid Ryback out over the flames, toasting The Big Guy with a healthy side of J&J Security in Mr. Money in the Bank’s first contest of the evening. That Rollins technically lost the bout via disqualification was beside the point. Ryback rallied from an early mugging to hoist Rollins up for Shell Shocked, but J&J’s disqualification-inducing interference literally took The Big Guy out at the knees. Rollins then pounced with a Curb Stomp to punctuate the corporate power’s early, suffer-no-enemies message for the evening. Touché, Seth.

Match 3 – Paige def. Brie Bella

Hell hath no fury like a Diva who’s been spray-tanned in shame. The Bella Twins’ flesh-darkening exercise in humiliation came back to haunt them when Paige, who’d been the target of their mean-girl mind games, knocked off Brie Bella in singles competition on Raw. Bearing tribute to the late wrestler Drew McDonald on her arms, Paige proved she’s not so easily unmanned when Brie set about with a ground-and-pound strategy designed more to humiliate her foe than to beat her. That, of course, just spurred Paige to kick it into the next gear,and that she did, tossing Brie straight into Nikki on the apron and administering a match-ending Ram-Paige to seal the deal. Somewhere, Drew McDonald is smiling.

Rusev and Lana paid tribute to John Cena

Lana and WWE United States champion Rusev came out to the arena. Lana said that Rusev was proud to face John Cena at Fast lane and Cena should be proud to face the super athlete Rusev too. Lana said that Cena had achieved a lot of things in WWE. They showed a video on the big screen as a tribute of John Cena’s career. The footage was more like an embarrassment for Cena since it showed how Cena got punished in his career.

After the footage, Lana said that thirteen years was a long time, and Cena deserved to be praised going so long. Cena looked strong but inside he was vulnerable. Rusev spoke out now as he said that John Cena was no longer the man he used to be. He claimed himself to be a hero. He said Cena’s fighting spirit was dead, he was weak and nothing. As Fast Lane, Rusev would break Cena’s body and would crush his spirit.

John Cena came out to the arena. Cena stood on the stage and said Rusev was talking like he had already won the match at Fast Lane. He wanted to fight Cena because he wanted to show that he was superior. Cena wanted Rusev to shut up. He said that Rusev was a bully to himself and he was full of crap.

Cena said that he had to go through a lot of things in his career. But every single time he was knocked out, he got back up, Cena that at Fast Lane he would beat Rusev down and would show him his real worth. The conversation ended up in a fight in which Rusev beat down John Cena.

It’s unlikely that anybody thought Rusev’s tribute to John Cena was going to be genuine. That said, even the most cynical among the WWE Universe likely didn’t expect the degree the quickness with which things escalated between The Super Athlete and the No. 1 contender for his U.S. Title. The Russians’ tribute to Cena was appropriately demeaning (really just a highlight reel of the Cenation leader’s most debilitating injuries). The implication, of course, being that 13 years of battle has left Cena a shell of his former self. When Cena emerged to toss verbal barbs Rusev’s way in response, The Hero of the Russian Federation sprang into action, thumbing Cena in his inflamed eye and ramming him face-first into the TitanTron’s LED screen.


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