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WWE Raw 6th October – Dean Ambrose – John Cena segment

Dean Ambrose came out to the arena. Ambrose entered the ring, grabbed a mic and started things off. The fans were chanting the name of Dean Ambrose which Dean enjoyed for a while before he spoke. He said that he could sit back in his locker room and let whatever was going on, but there was something was kicking inside his mind from last hour which was bothering him a lot, John Cena was lately up in his space. The fans booed loudly to hear John Cena’s name.

Dean Ambrose said that he did not think that he liked it. John Cena was scheduled to be his partner tonight just like he was supposed to be his partner last week on Friday Night Smackdown but things did not go right. He showed the footage of last week where Cena left Dean alone inside the ring to get beaten by Kane and Randy Orton.  Kane and Randy Orton beat down Dean Ambrose badly after that. He asked John Cena earlier not to give him a reason not to like him. Dean said that he was trying really hard. He wanted Cena to come out before they got involved in a battle, he wanted John Cena to get face to face with him. He mocked Cena as he requested Cena to indulge him with his presence.

John Cena came out to the arena and the fans booed him badly. Cena entered the ring and thanked the fans for the welcome. The fans booed him again. Cena asked the fans to hear about Dean Ambrose as the fans cheered for Ambrose. Cena reminded that Dean Ambrose said that he would do anything to get his hands on Seth Rollins, he also hurt Cena earlier on the night when he attempted to attack Seth Rollins. He told that if the fans understood Dean Ambrose’s action then they would understand Cena’s action as well, and so did Dean.

Cena attempted to leave the ring as Dean prevented him. Dean said that he did not give a crap about John Cena, neither Cena gave a crap about him, but there was one thing, they had something in common, they did not care what people would think of them. They did not like each other, but still, maybe they could co-exist, neither Dean would mind to drop Cena where he was standing and take care of the authority by himself.

Cena came inside the ring. Cena reminded Dean when he was Curb Stomped through the Cinder Blocks, he was out for five weeks, he asked if this was how he was going to take care of the authority single handedly. Cena said that Ambrose had something that he had not seen in a WWE superstar in quite a long time; guts, the guts to say whatever he wanted. But if he had anything to say to Cena, then he had zero problem to kick his a** out. Cena threatened Ambrose not to give him a reason not to like him.

Dean Ambrose waited for a while and said that he was a kind of hungry so he would get out of here and going to Coney Island to have some food. Ambrose wished Cena good luck and left the ring. Cena was puzzled, so as the fans.