Canadian actor Stephen Amell has been officially booked in a match to face Stardust at SummerSlam on Sunday, August 23rd. Amell, with his mentor in WWE, Neville will take on the team of Stardust and King Barrett in the pay-per-view, which is scheduled to take place at the Barclays center, Brooklyn in New York on August 23.

Amell, a long-time wrestling fan, began being incorporated into the storyline a few months back when he attended a RAW and developed notable tension with Stardust – aka Cody Rhodes. The two have been trading barbs online ever since. Amell returned to RAW this week as a “special guest” and then hopped the crowd barrier when Stardust assaulted him, leapt into the ring, and tackled Stardust to the mat. Later when WWE COO Triple H confronted Amell, the Arrow actor wanted to face Stardust face to face in the ring and Triple-H hesitated in the beginning. 

Later, Amell assured the Game that he will be responsible for whatever that happens to him and later Triple H gave his nod for the match. Based on his character Green Arrow from the TV series Arrow, he will be appearing in the gimmick of Green Arrow while Neville will be the Red Arrow according to the Triple H. Here is what happened in that segment involving Stardust and Amell:



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