WWE Hell in a Cell lived up to its hype with the biggest news that Del Rio has returned. Before creating the build up towards Survivor Series WWE has to wrap up the angles created at the night. Here’s what we can expect from tonight’s RAW


What does Wyatt want from The Undertaker

As far the match goes it was destructive from every perspective as the two fought it out one last time inside the cell for one last time. But after the finish the sight was even more when Bray and Co. Showed up and carried away Taker with them. The question is, are we going to see the start of a full-fledged feud ahead of Survivor Series between these two? Considering that Taker is outnumbered we may see Demon Kane by his side creating the Brothers of Destruction once again? Or, WWE may full of us simply keeping Taker away from television till Wrestlemania season.


New Director of Operations?

You have to give credit to Rollins for coming up with a trick every time to save his title. This Sunday was no exception. With the question of his new opponent, it will be interesting to see if The Authority is going to introduce a new Director of Operations for the show. Two names are coming in mind instantly. One is David Otunga who declared his intentions on Twitter and another one is Eric Bischoff who is such a powerful performer and now is in good terms with WWE and eventually who can create an angle of a feud for the coming Survivor Series PPV.

Viva Del Rio!

Last Night Del Rio returned to floor the WWE universe and win the championship gold from the Cenation leader. Now why Del Rio returned to WWE along with Zeb Colter whose point of view is quite different from the Essence of Excellence? Furthermore, how would the Cenation Leader respond after being taken away the coveted gold that he had and will he show up one last time before his time-off?


Who’s next for Charlotte?

Undoubtedly Both Charlotte and Nikki had an awesome bout at Hell in a Cell and gave us a match to be remembered for ages. But that is now past and we have to move forward with Charlotte’s next opponent which is probably going to be Paige or Sasha Banks. It will be good for Nikki to be out of the Title picture for sometimes, but then you can never count out the Bellas as they can outnumber anyone on any day. It will be interesting to see who will be the next No.1 contender?


Is Roman ready to Reign?

Roman was definitely on top if it was not for Rollins at Wrestlemania 31 who cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase and outsmarted both Brock and Reigns. This is the best time to make the opportunity for Reigns to get him into the top again following his epic showdown with Bray Wyatt inside the Cell where he outsmarted the Eater of World. It is time to search something new for Roman now and should kick off Raw itself. WWE can create a feud with Rollins for the championship gold which suits the storyline best now or they can continue the storyline with Wyatt and Reigns to make a Survivor Series traditional match up.

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