WWE Raw full results: Teddy Long returns

WWE Raw full results: Teddy Long returns, Cena repays The Club

Teddy Long returns to interrupt the MITB contestants

WWE Raw comes live in our way this week from the CHESAPEAKE ENERGY ARENA, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK as we kick things off with Dean Ambrose heading towards the ring and the rest of the five participants in the match already sitting on the ladder inside the ring. All of them start bragging about themselves about who will claim the Money In the bank briefcase. As the situation gets heated up the Ambrose starts throwing punches to Jericho. A huge brawl breaks out as Teddy Long comes out to a huge pop to throw his name for running Smackdown. Stephanie comes down and tells Teddy to leave and makes singles competition between the six MITB competitors.



Cesaro def. Chris Jericho

A very few would dare to insult Cesaro, The Swiss Superman and Jericho certainly would top the list among the few. Jericho was at his best while doing that and paid the price on WWE Raw. Jericho though proved why he is the best there is at what he does. He caught Cesaro in mid-air while delivering an uppercut and hit him with a Codebreaker and Cesaro rolled from the ring to dodge the loss. He also muscled his way through the Walls of Jericho and converted it back to the Sharpshooter to make Jericho tap-out.



Rusev def. Jack Swagger

After giving Rusev a tight match on SmackDown, The Real American, Jack Swagger was scheduled for a rematch with Rusev in his hometown. With the would-be number one contender, Titus O’Neil on commentary Swagger brought a thunderous fight to the current US champion. Unfortunately, Rusev managed to shove him off on Titus at the ringside and Swagger failed to get back into the ring before the ten-count. These made two of them going against the champion and expelling him from the ring.



AJ Styles confronted John Cena

John Cena comes out to the ring to address Styles in the ring. With the dream match between him and Styles already being announced at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, Cena calls out Styles on WWE Raw and the crowd is all over the place with the “Let’s go, Cena, AJ Styles” chants. Cena asks Styles why he would do that and take the shortest route possible to decimate Cena. AJ Styles says it was part of his plan and squares Cena in the middle with Gallows and Anderson. Thankfully, The New Day comes out and backs off Cena with Club choosing to walk away.



The Vaudevillains def. Enzo Amore & Big Cass via Disqualification

Enzo and Cass decided to pay tribute to Muhammad Ali in their match against the Vaudevillains. It was the Payback match for Enzo as the Vaudevillains hurt him during their number one contender bout. The villains tried to do it again by shoving Enzo off against the bottom rope. It was then when Big Cass went all-out to deliver a beat-down to the Vaudevillains and paying tribute to the greatest of all time.



Alberto Del Rio def. Sami Zayn

As the craze of the New Era going on, one would have thought that Sami Zayn would easily topple down Alberto del Rio but that was not the case on WWE Raw. The Essence of Excellence overcame the best efforts from the Underdog of the Underground. Zayn managed to dodge the tree-of-woe stomp from the top rope but Del Rio went right after him to shove him off to the ring-post and connected the second time.



Dean Ambrose def. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens sure has decided to claim his right at the Money in the Bank briefcase but the road is pretty rough, to say the least. He squared off against his old rival Dean Ambrose on WWE Raw. Owens talked serious trash to Ambrose before the start of the match and hit with a bull-frog splash off the apron. The Lunatic Fringe though proved to be the iron-man and fought valiantly to connect with the Dirty Deeds for the win. Owens had the last laugh by toppling Ambrose off the ladder by which he was trying to grab the MITB briefcase.



Natalya & Becky Lynch confronted Charlotte & Dana Brooke

While the whole world is talking about Charlotte dumping Flair off like that, the champion is having a second thought, anyway. She declared that she disowned her only as “professionally” and will continue to have her personal relationship with him. Natalya and Becky arrived to stop the shenanigans played by Charlotte and Dana. They even tried to turn Dana on Charlotte. But, they were in full force and made the resistance force of Becky and Nattie down.



R-Truth vs. Tyler Breeze

The Golden Truth saga continued on WWE Raw. The latest installment saw a one-on-one match between Truth and breeze. With the heated situation continuing between them, both Goldust and Fandango decided to stop the match by interfering in between the match. Teddy once again returned to turn the match in a tag team contest but since he has no matchmaking power, anymore, he ended up only to be carried off by the security.



The Club def. The New Day

In the main event, The New day took on The Club. With the rivalry heating up between them the two teams went into war. Before even the bell rang the two teams attacked each other. Xavier Woods ate a Styles Clash on the floor and was taken out to the locker room. In the match, despite all the efforts by the tag team champions, they ended up being the victim of the Phenomenal Fore-arm at the end. The Club was not satisfied with the victory, whatsoever and continued to stomp Big E and Kingston inside the ring. Cena came out to make the save and the Club ended the night with a Big Ending – Attitude Adjustment combo as WWE Raw went off the air.