Raw is not improving and they are not even trying for any improvement. It is going on in the same boring way just like every other week. It is too monotonous and hell boring to sit back and watch a three-hour show like this. They have to understand whatever they are doing is bad and it’s not working well.

The creative team arranged some big matches on the card but none of them worked. They could not offer anything new. They tried a number of new things for the undercard wrestlers but none of them seemed interesting. We think Vince McMahon should consider changing the Raw creative team, as soon as possible.

We had three big matches on the card; the first one was advertised last week, it was booked between Dean Ambrose and Miz for the IC championship. The match came up with one of the worst endings of all time. Miz tried to steal the victory with a low blow and Dean countered it with another low blow, knowing the referee was watching it.

These things look really bad when a babyface does it. They will now face each other at the Extreme Rules with the stipulation is still not set. But there will be no DQ as confirmed by the general manager Kurt Angle.

Roman Reigns vs. Finn Balor was the best match of the night. But Roman winning the match clean is not the best piece of booking. What are they thinking, seriously? Roman is being presented as not fully match fit, and he gets a clean win after fighting a wrestler like Finn Balor? Are you serious? This is why most of the fans hate Roman.

The other good match of the night was Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt. The ending was too predictable in this match. We can say everybody knew that Samoa Joe will get involved in this match at the end. It becomes too predictable nowadays. This was the main event of the night, and no way was it a main event quality match.

At the beginning of the show, Kurt Angle announced a fatal five-way match for the Extreme Rules to determine the no 1 contender for the Universal championship. So the rumours are true, there will be no Brock Lesnar before The Great Balls of Fire.

Now you cannot blame the fans for getting mad at the creative team. After WrestleMania, the world champion will not defend his title for over three months. This is seriously not acceptable. Even the biggest Brock Lesnar fan will get pissed by this insane decision.

Another match that had been added to the Extreme Rules card is the Raw Women’s championship where the champion Alexa Bliss will defend her title against the former champion Bayley. This will be a Kendo Stick on a Poll match. These two women had a segment this week where Alexa hit Bayley with a Kendo Stick and Bayley sold the hit really well. This is a good piece of build up for this match we must say.

Two storylines are being built up on the undercard division. One of them started this week where Goldust turned on his tag team partner R-Truth. Goldust turning heel at this stage of his career? Okay, we get it they are trying something new, but is it working at all? News flash, it’s not. Fans did not seem interested in this storyline at all.

The other undercard storyline is the tag team feud between Enzo & Cass and Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews. This feud is not interesting at all but the unlikely tag team of Titus and Apollo seems a little curious. We are not dying for such a storyline of course but we would like to know how they progress this story.

Final Verdict – As we said, it was a below average week. They tried something on the undercard division but it’s not working. The main event status is lagging badly. They organised some big matches, Bray and Seth Rollins took on each other for the first time in history, Roman Reigns and Finn Balor had a great match, but nothing worked well at the end. We are not seeing any chance of improvement in the near future either.

Sportzwiki Rating – 2.5/5


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