With the fresh win in his pocket, Reigns will now square off against Triple H at the main event of Wrestlemania. But how things will shape up on tonight? Will we see the Big Dog and the Cerebral Assassin going against each other on RAW?  What will go down on RAW tonight which will come live from Detroit?

Big dog’s time to play the game

Roman Reigns conquered The Conqueror and even had to pin his best friend last night, but his greatest challenge lies just six weeks ahead at WrestleMania where he will lock down horns with the cerebral assassin to win back the richest prize in the Sports entertainment. The Samoan Big Dog has previously competed in the show of Immortals but nothing can be compared to go toe-to-toe against the Game himself. Will the King of Kings decide to let him gain some knowledge of what he is capable of?


The beast and the Lunatic

Dean Ambrose suffered the huge spear which shattered his dreams of main eventing Wrestlemania. But it was fully his credit when he took the monstrous Brock Lesnar out of commission with a well-timed steel chair attack during the final moments of their all-important Triple Threat Match. The beast incarnate will definitely not take it lightly after being hit by the metal and especially which will keep him away from the main event of Wrestlemania. Who will suffer his wrath on Raw tonight?


The Styles saga

Now that he proved himself truly as the phenomenal one when he made Jericho tap out at Fastlane, what waits next for AJ Styles? It was undoubtedly an epic showdown between the two of them as they collided in the rubber match. As Wrestlemania inches closer what Styles will definitely look to progress further. Plus, what will go in the minds of the six-time world champion Jericho who faced the defeat on Sunday.

Has Golden Truth become a lie?

Last night at WWE Fastlane, Goldust’s attempt to help his would-be tag team partner in his bout against Curtis Axel backfired in a big way. It ultimately cost R-Truth the big match and helped social outcasts trending even more only days before Wrestlemania. R-Truth was upset visibly after the match. Goldust will definitely try one last time to make up things for truth (in a ridiculous dress once again?).

What’s next for the ally and Charlotte?

They are not the very best of friends but last night at Fastlane they proved their strength as united. Now that they have got rid of team BAD will their unity continues. Especially considering that they both will be on a hunt for the Divas title from Charlotte. Plus, Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks story is still untold after what happened on Royal Rumble. Things will be certainly interesting in the Divas division.

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