In Pictures: WWE RAW Results 12th October 2015

Arindam Paul / 13 October 2015

As Hell in a  Cell is coming closer this week RAW focuses on telling the unfinished businesses and filling the cards that will unfold the stories o 25th night of October.

The Show starts off with the authority being late and Kane was told to be on charge for the night and immediately he made a blockbuster announcement by telling that it will be Demon Kane vs. Seth Rollins in a lumberjack match for the main event. And we head towards in ring.



Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton vs. The New Day:

Dean Ambrose welcomes the crowd to Monday Night Raw as he was looking for a fight in the windy city. Randy comes out in the arena and tells that he assumes that Dean is going to the fight of his life against Luke Harper and Braun Strowman at Hell in a Cell. And so he wants to be his partner. Though the man was in hesitation to trust each other. As the New Day interrupts them by bragging about their recent successes which THE SHIELD was even unable to accomplish. Corporate Kane comes out and makes a tag match between them.



Despite the match could turn out to be a good match the only good thing about this segment was the announcement of the tag team match at the Hell in a Cell PPV kickoff. And can Dean and Randy co-exist as partners? Though despite their egos they take the control of the match easily in the early going. During the break, New Day took control and isolated Orton to tag his partner. After the tag, Dean exploded his way into the match and sets the house on fire taking everyone out. At the closing moments, Big E shoves Orton into Ambrose which allows Kofi to pin the multi-time WWE champion.



Nikki Bella vs. Naomi:

As the WWE universe was going ga-ga over the Boss, it was team BAD member Naomi to take on the former Divas’ champion Nikki Bella. Nikki controlled the majority of the match though Naomi made her way at the end of the match. Brie Bella grabs a mic and starts to chant WE WANT SASHA without any reason causing the distraction allowing Nikki to hit a forearm and rack attack to take the win.



John Cena’s US Title Open Challenge: Dolph Ziggler:            

After losing his chance last week, Dolph is on his way to stop Cena’s reign with everything he has. He tried everything from elbow drops, sleeper holds, super kicks and zigzag to make Cena out. But unable to make the resilient man Cena give up. Though Dolph was this close from the title it was an Attitude Adjustment from Cena to end the showoff’s night. But the continuation of the story seems that chances still may be left for Ziggler.



The Dudley Boyz vs The Ascension:

Conor and Viktor quickly start the attack on D-von. Though Victor misses an elbow which allows to tag in Bubba who starts cleaning the house. It was an easy way to victory for them by delivering a doomsday device and 3D, one after another.



King Barrett and Sheamus vs. Neville and Cesaro:

It was a match with zero creativity as to include these 4 individual talents into one single tag match and also did nothing for the ongoing Neville vs Barrett story. More than that it was a complete misuse of both Sheamus and Cesaro. Neville and Cesaro take the early upper hand predictably. At the end of the match, the referee was distracted while Barrett bull hammered his way to take he win.



Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman:

Roman tries to tell why he hates Bray and co. while the crowd starts the boring and yelling chants. It was a terrible idea indeed as Chicago crowd was going to eat him alive there. Thankfully Wyatt’s do show up and tell a massacre is waiting for him inside the cell.

The massive strong Strowman starts punishing Reigns at the early going but Reigns makes a comeback with a flying superman punch. Luke harper too ends up with the result as he comes to interfere in the match which knocks Strouman out for sometimes over the announce table that was enough for Reigns to earn the victory via count out. In spite of the continuous booing of the crowd, Roman did make some momentum on his way to the Hell.



Ryback vs. Rusev:

Michael Cole does mention that Rusev and Lana are engaged and so it’s still a confusion why Summer is still out with him. The match was a shorter one while Ryback starts with a slam. Rusev does try to win with a super kick, but Ryback delivers a shell shock to pick up the win.

After the match Summer verbally turns on Rusev by telling him that he was not man enough to tell that he was engaged with Lana about a month now. Summer hits Rusev with a much-deserved slap and storms her way out of the ring.



Kevin Owens vs. Kalisto:

Kevin Owens should be aware of the fact that he is now targeted by everyone as he is carrying the gold around his waist. Kalisto may be the latest one to be in that line as he tries to make the champion outnumber by his quick moves and striking ability. But Kevin comes victorious with that vicious powerbomb of his own. This was one of the matches to Owens in a dominant fashion anyways.



Brie Bella and Alicia Fox vs. Charlotte and Becky Linch:

Paige was in ring justifiably so to neutralize Natalya and create some distraction to  take Brie Bella the win. With more of the concentration on the Paige and Natalya feud this one may be the worst match till date as the Divas’ revolution is going on and more shockingly it was one the background player like Brie Bella who pins the Divas’ champion.



Demon Kane vs. Seth Rollins (Lumberjack match):

Demon Kane continues to make Seth Rollins’ life miserable as the perfect replacement of Director of Operations Kane. Kane punishes Rollins early in the match only to come face to face with the Big Show who delivers a knockout punch which allows Rollins to take control of the match. The New Day and the heels entered the ring to take control and started a routine brawl inside. Though the demon Brought hell to them with chokeslams and Piledriver to Rollins to take a pinfall victory over the champion. It was an uninspired main event as both the champion and the challenger showed zero chemistry between them.

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