WWE RAW Results: Roman Reigns seeks revenge on Brock Lesnar, destroys Rusev in a match

Arindam Paul / 19 January 2016

It’s going to be one versus all on this Sunday for Roma Reigns but as for RAW, Reigns was focused on getting his hands on Lesnar considering that he ate an F-5 on last week from the beast. He gets the same at the end of the show but only to get dismantled by the flock of the Wyatts.

(results courtesy wrestlezone.com)

Roman Reigns kicks off Raw. Reigns say that he is going to be the first man to defend the WWE title in the Royal Rumble match. Reigns goes on to say that he is only worried about one superstar on Sunday, Brock Lesnar.


Reigns want to get the party started right now. Reigns calls out Lesnar but gets Chris Jericho instead. Jericho tells Reigns that he knows he was waiting for Lesnar, but Reigns is getting something better: the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla, Chris Jericho! Jericho says he came out here because he wants tonight to be the biggest edition of the Highlight Reel ever. Jericho invites Reigns on the show and Reigns accepts. The League of Nations comes out on the ramp. Sheamus is upset that Reigns thinks the Royal Rumble is now Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar.

Later the night the beast awaits for Reigns but as for then, Reigns would take on Rusev in a match.

After a short commercial break, Rusev is wearing Reigns down with a stiff side headlock. Reigns reverse it into a back suplex. Reigns floors Rusev with multiple flying clotheslines, followed by a big boot. Reigns go for a Samoan drop, but Rusev fights out of it. Rusev kicks Reigns in the head for another two count. Rusev puts Reigns on his shoulders and climbs the ropes. Reigns fight out of it and turns it into a sit out powerbomb for a long two count. Reigns calls for the Superman punch, but Del Rio pulls Reigns out of the ring and tosses him into the barricade. Jericho was preoccupied with the rest of the members of the LoN. Once Jericho sees Reigns laid out, he ejects every member of the LoN out of the arena.

In the confusion, Reigns hits the Superman punch on Rusev followed by the spear.

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