Shane mcmahon returns
Shane McMahon returns to RAW in Chicago

WWE RAW welcomes us from the windy city, Chicago. The crowd erupts as the sound system plays “Here comes the money” throughout the arena. Shane McMahon dances his way out on the ramp. Shane gets in the ring and lets us know that he has the utmost respect for The Undertaker, but his father Vince McMahon is a miserable old b*astard. Now if you have noticed then you must have seen the glimpses of attitude era with these non-PG words for last few weeks. (WWE RAW results courtesy and

Will Shane McMahon’s quest to make Monday Night Raw great again come to fruition? It’s a long shot considering The Undertaker is standing his way at WrestleMania. And with Shane standing in the ring the lights go out. But then again Mr. McMahon’s music starts playing and he makes his way into the ring.

Mr. McMahon asks the crowd if they are disappointed. The crowd serenades Mr. McMahon with a CM Punk chant. Mr. McMahon tells Shane that as he was writing Shane out of his will, he saw a photo of the two of them. Mr. McMahon shows the photo on the ‘Tron. He does have the actual photo in his hand. He drops the photo on the floor and stomps it because Shane does not exist in his world.

Labeling his son as “the greatest failure” on earth he calls down the security guards to escort him out of the arena. Shane got the last laugh, though, when he singlehandedly dismantled the entire security team his father sent to the ring to remove him.


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