There will be celebration and special matches on Raw,know details

WWE Raw five-point preview: July 4th, 2016

WWE Raw will come live tonight from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio as it will be hosted with loads of festivities in the honor of the Flag Day in the United States. WWE Raw is booked to be a huge cookout for the whole evening and The Champion is scheduled to compete against The Miz in a champion vs. champion match which is supposedly a rematch from Thursday Night’s Smackdown. Will the Lunatic Fringe bring chaos to the celebration? Find out what’s waiting for us on WWE Raw, tonight:

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Champion vs. Champion on Raw

Last week on Smackdown we have seen the champion using the A-lister’s jacket as the napkin after he was done with his burger. Now, tonight there will be a lot of mouth-watering staffs for Ambrose and he will go against the A-lister again from the rematch of Smackdown. The Miz will have a chance to claim retribution via the match but Ambrose is not supposed to get pinned at the moment and not the Miz, either in consecutive two matches. So expect interference from Seth Rollins for the disqualification.