The news of Alexa Bliss suffering a major rift with the creative came as a major shocker. Ever since she made her debut on the main roster, the creative treated her as a gem. She possessed all the tools with the mic to become a veteran heel on the roster. This is why she received a major push on Smackdown Live.

She made her debut be defeating the supposed face of the Smackdown women’s division, Becky Lynch back in July 2016. After this, she pinned the longest reigning Divas champion in the history of the company, Nikki Bella to become the number one contender. She did not let the opportunity go from her hand and became the women’s champion on the roster at TLC PPV.

Her work ethics were praised so much that when Naomi relinquished the title, creative did not think twice to hand it to the wicked witch of the WWE for the second time. This is due to the extreme faith of the show-runners on her.

So, when the Dirty Sheets Podcast broke the news that Alexa Bliss is suffering major backstage heat, it came as a complete surprise. The concern is mainly on her in-ring action which seems to be decreasing day by day. While she is the very best with the mic in hand, she fails to attract the crowd with her moves. This is what the source stated regarding the lack of chemistry with other competitors:

“Despite Alexa being fantastic on the mic and on Talking Smack, which everyone within the WWE acknowledges, officials are said to be unhappy with her in-ring work. Bliss is said to have very little chemistry with anyone on the roster, other than Becky Lynch.

Bliss is paired up with Lynch whenever possible, however, officials are crediting Lynch for having passable matches with Bliss. Road-agents were said to be particularly unhappy when Bliss could not deliver a good match this week on SmackDown, despite being paired with a veteran worker, Mickie James.”

It is being speculated, wildly that due to this rift, she might lose the Smackdown women’s title at Wrestlemania. Becky Lynch is going to be the probable winner of the multi-women contest on April 2nd.

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