Now, would not a man love to see him in a position where two women are fighting for him and if that turned out to be two WWE Divas. But WWE Superstars Alberto Del Rio got into a certain position where he could do nothing but grin as he is having a boss like Vince McMahon who observes every single move of his employees with a magnifying glass.

Previously it was reported that Del Rio was photographed at the Disney Kingdom in Florida last week with Paige. They got quite intimate and the pictures of them hugging and kissing in public took the internet by storm giving birth of the rumors that they are together. Now reports have been surfaced that the intimacy has created heat between the current WWE Women’s champion Charlotte and the former one Paige, over Alberto Del Rio.

alberto del rio paige
According to the reports of, Charlotte has involved in a short relationship with Alberto Del Rio a short while ago and obviously did not take the pictures lightly causing the heat between Paige and Charlotte. And what’s even worse that Vince McMahon is well aware of this backstage brewing and apparently wants to use this heat in a program between the two, after Charlotte is done with her feud against Natalya on this Sunday at Extreme Rules PPV.

Though, it’s not a rare case when wrestling co-workers have found love, over the years, but, with Del Rio being married and having three children, the pictures were rumored to be just a pure publicity stunt for Total Divas next season. Vince McMahon surfacing to the picture completely turns the scenario upside down, though. This is not the first time that the chairman had made a storyline out of real life angle and looks to do so again. Remember, the infamous Edge-Lita storyline or the Rock-Cena real life feuds reaching to the new heights, courtesy of WWE Creative?

On the other hand, Triple H feels that Del Rio’s ego would get out of hand if he is elevated with the storyline and warned him from doing this. Del Rio is not quite happy over not getting the main event push that he deserved post-return, and as promised to him by the WWE. Coming weeks will tell us, re-packaging of Del Rio happens or not.

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