As reported earlier, Dean Ambrose and Renee Young is now a married couple. Although they wanted to keep this one news private, news broke out after Dean was spotted wearing a wedding ring. Following it, Renee was also present on live television with a ring to make it a headline.
After Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler broke the news on live television during this week’s Talking Smack, Renee took her twitter handle to let the world know about it. Furthermore, posted on their website confirming the news of their marriage.

As per their updates, these two tied the knot at last Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a private affair with merely a handful of people present there. Only the duo’s parents and family members were present at the wedding ceremony. No one from WWE roster was invited to it.

Now, just after the wedding happened, these two were separated abruptly to two different brands. Ambrose was shifted to Monday Night Raw whereas Renee still stuck to the blue brand. This came as a shocker since both of them were loyal to the company and WWE never separated any of the couples neither on Draft nor in the Superstar shakeup.

This led to the speculation whether they are suffering a backstage heat or not. Recently, Dave Meltzer discussed this topic in his latest report in Wrestling Observer Newsletter nurturing whether it was done intentionally by WWE or not.

He stated that it was not completely unknown to the WWE heads since it was not so much secret affair. It was a small party held in Las Vegas where these two reside. Plus, since they are part of the reality TV series, Total Divas, it is likely that cameras were rolling to capture the moments. It is evident that at some point we will get to see it on television.

So, it could be WWE creative has the planning of splitting them up, much earlier. This might be the reason why Dean Ambrose still retained the Intercontinental championship to bring it on Raw. In the meantime, they decided to get married. So, from the creative perspective, nothing could be done for them.

Also, the veteran journalist hinted that WWE could have done it, intentionally just without valuing their emotions. Keeping in mind, WWE’s treatment of numerous other couples, the possibilities can’t be wiped out.
As for now, it can’t be confirmed whether it is affecting this couple’s personal life or not. Being a host to the WWE events, Renee does have some flexibility of switching brands and that might help her in future.

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