WWE Rumor: London mayor wants Wrestlemania in Wembley Stadium

Arindam Paul / 16 March 2016

Now that Wrestlemania 33 is officially taking place in Orlando, Florida, numerous cities have made their bids to get Wrestlemania 34. And the latest inclusion in the list is the colorful political figure Boris Johnson, the mayor of London. He claimed in a Twitter Q&A session that he’s dead keen to bring Wrestlemania to the city of London.

With Wrestlemania 33 has been booked already, now the cities of North-American regions are bidding for the next one that will be hosted in 2018. The frontrunner in the race was said to be Philadelphia who has made an aggressive bid but an unlikely dark horse contender may have arisen out of nowhere, potentially.

That’s because Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, claimed today during a Twitter Q&A that he was “dead keen” to bring the Wrestling extravaganza to the city beside the Thames. It was unlikely, though, that he was talking in a casual fashion which sounds no sense and did not really know what he was talking about.

The clue came in the Q&A session where a Londoner probably asked him about the event and his answer came as follows:

The answer, however, is like telling a voter what wants to hear rather than making a genuine attempt to bring Wrestlemania to London’s Wembley stadium. The concept is brilliant considering the fact that one day Wrestlemania will be hosted outside the region of North America as WWE wants them to establish themselves as a global brand instead of sticking into their home market. But, apparently that day is not coming very soon as there is not much opportunity to make the grandest event a success apart from the home country support and especially when it means that the event will be airing in a non-American time slot.


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