To pull up the ratings and create the hype even higher WWE had previously announced that Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold will be present along with Lesnar and Undertaker on 19th October RAW edition which will be the final RAW before HIAC.

But he will not be appearing on the show if the indication was rightly made at the end of the last episode of RAW. Austin’s name was not mentioned for once in the show which was quite odd as Austin will be there to host the podcast with Lesnar after the show in his home state of Texas.



And speculation is that he will be in a matchup at Wrestlemania 32 which will be hosted from Texas too. Though his absence will not go to decrease that proportion at all. So do not count out anything yet.



Alberto del Rio to be brought back?



Rumors are running rampage that WWE is going to re-sign Del Rio. As they are in search of a top Hispanic star to cater a huge mass of fans that belongs to that demographic. They are especially in search of that particular superstar since after Rey Mysterio departed. Former WWE star Carlito was also in talks in recent weeks, but that came up with nothing. So now much preference is given on the multi-time world champion Del Rio. Though no details were not confirmed yet, it is definitely on the cards as Del Rio too declared that there are talks about this. And as the Lucha underground is announcing their second season one has to wait to see what’s stored in the future.


Need to be mentioned here is that Del Rio’s contract was terminated instantly last year when he physically attacked a WWE employee after ha made a racial comment towards him. As the time of his departure, the situation was extremely controversial as the viewers present at the time of the incident were sympathetic to him and he was justified in the eyes of many.

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