WWE Rumour: Finn Balor To Return With His Demon King Gimmick on Raw

Arindam Paul / 31 July 2017

Ever since Finn Balor was sidelined due to an injury following last year’s Summerslam event, his momentum was totally ruined.

Last year, during this point of time he was drafted to the main roster from NXT and was treated as the prime babyface since Roman Reigns was dealing with a suspension due to WWE’s wellness policy violation. This was the reason why he pinned the franchise player of the company in his first match on Raw.

If that was not it, he was handed the first-ever Universal Championship match at Summerslam. But, unfortunately, on that night, his shoulder was shattered by a wrong move performed by Seth Rollins and sidelined him from WWE Raw until Wrestlemania 33. He was not part of the biggest show of the year, as well due to this.

The former NXT Champion returned from an injury but never was able to pick up the pace like he used to have last year. At the bygone Raw-exclusive PPV, Great Balls of Fire, he was not been involved in any program. Currently, he is supposed to build a feud with Bray Wyatt so that a match can take place at this year’s Summerslam event between these two.

For the past couple of weeks, The Eater of the World has targeted Finn Balor without any reason. Last week, he hit a Sister Abigail on his probable opponent in order to cost him during his match against Elias Samson. Following this, Balor gave an interview on the WWE.com stating that if Wyatt wants to play the game, he is more than ready.

Apparently, this might be a tease for the comeback of the alter ego of Finn Balor i.e. Demon King. The same was hinted during this week’s Raw preview, as well where they stated,

“As Finn Bálor prepared to finish off Elias in a No Disqualification match this past Monday night, Bray Wyatt emerged to lay out the Irishman with Sister Abigail, helping Team Red’s loathed crooner pick up a tainted victory over WWE’s first Universal Champion. Following the bout, Bálor told WWE.com, ‘If Bray wants to play games, let’s play games’. This cryptic statement could mean many things, but if Bálor is saying what we think he is saying, The Eater of Worlds just made a massive mistake.”

This might be the rightmost thing that Balor needs at this point to rejuvenate his career. Some strong bookings with him will put him right into the spotlight where he needs to be seen. We have to wait until Raw goes on the air, tonight.