When it comes to TNA and WWE, these two are considered as the biggest rivals in the pro-wrestling industry. Back in the last decade, there were some WWE employees who were not happy with the WWE and their decisions. So, they walked away and decided to come up with their own wrestling company that witnessed the birth of TNA (Total Non-Stop Action) Wrestling promotion.

Jeff Jarrett was the brainchild behind this which later became the second biggest wrestling company in America after WWE. Once Jarrett departed from the company, it was taken over by Dixie Carter who was the president of the company till 2016. By the end of last year, she sold the rights to Anthem Sports after which the company became Impact Wrestling promotion.

Now, the bad blood between the two brands is still very much intact since neither of the parties acknowledges their rival brand on their live television programming. That was until Kurt Angle’s documentary was released on the WWE Network where Dixie Carter made a shocking appearance to note on the former Olympian Gold Medalist’s career.

It’s a known fact that she shared a strong bond with Kurt Angle since both of them were attached to the TNA brand for almost a decade. So, Dixie was the perfect one to call down the career of the former World Champion. But, that brought her to the center of the attention. Fans all around the globe are speculating that she might appear in the next edition of Raw.

The scenario arrived when Kurt Angle revealed that the mysterious person behind the text messages will appear on the flagship show. Speculations are flying all around that it is going to be Dixie. In a recent interview with SI.com, she was asked about the burning topic where she refused to spill the beans by stating,

“I did hear Raw will be in Nashville, which is very interesting. But I wouldn’t tell you either way.”

Later, she was asked the same by a fan on Twitter where she answered that she will be “pretty close” to Nashville when Raw goes live this Monday. Her recent activities and comments about the WWE superstars are also hinting the same. We have to wait till this week’s Raw to find out the truth.

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