WWE Smackdown 26/12/14 – Recap

Jeet / 28 December 2014

The show started as Hulk Hogan came into the arena. Hogan entered the ring and started things off in his vintage style. He said that Hulkamania was running Smackdown on that night. He said that he had a lot of great moments on Smackdown, he posed with Daniel Bryan after Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight championship. He also won the WWE Tag Team championship with Edge on Smackdown. He announced that Edge and Christian were going to host Raw next week.

Mr. money in the bank Seth Rollins interfered Hulk Hogan. J & J security was along with him. As Seth Rollins walked by the floor, he talked about Hulk Hogan addressing ‘Immortal’, ‘Legend’, ‘Hall of Famer’. He addressed him as the physical embodiment of WrestleMania.

Rollins entered the ring and said that he wanted to shake hand with Hogan. They shook hands. Rollins said that considering all those accomplishments made him Seth Rollins of the 80s. Then he said from jokes apart he wanted to thank him from the bottom of his heart because Hogan was of the main reasons Rollins came into this business but he wanted to tell him that Hulk Hogan did not deserve to be in the ring anymore because the ring now belonged to Rollins.

Rollins said if Hogan did not mind he could leave the ring. Hogan said that he did mind and whether Rollins liked it or not Hogan was running Smackdown. Rollins said that the whole show turned really dumb since the authority left. He said that Triple ha and Stephanie McMahon were the two smartest business people he ever met. They were he two people who had the guts to make the right decision to make sure what best for business was and Hulk Hogan was no fit for them. Hogan might be a legend but he had no business in Rollins’ business.

Rollins claimed himself as the undisputed future of the WWE he wanted Hogan believe that this was Rollins’ business. He wanted Hogan to tell the fans who would lead the company into the future. He wanted Hogan to announce Seth Rollins as the future of WWE and once Hogan he realized that he would understand that it was almost 2015 and he did not belong here so he should take his a** out of the ring.

Hogan told him that he did not think if Rollins was the man to lead WWE as the future. Rollins interfered him and said he was the Mr. money in the Bank, who else would lead WWE into the future, he wanted Hogan to be real.

Hogan said that he could name a bunch of people who could be a bigger deal than Seth Rollins. He could name the guy who defeated Rollins at Survivor Series or the guy who just defeated him last week on Smackdown; Dolph Ziggler.

Before Seth Rollins could say anything, Dolph Ziggler’s music rang and the new WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler came out to the arena. While walking down the floor, Ziggler thanked Hogan for the compliment but Seth was right, Seth was the future of WWE. He always talked about himself and claimed that he was the future of WWE, so Ziggler asked him to leave WWE for ten years and see where it would head to.

Seth Rollins spoke out now, he said that Ziggler was no big picture guy. He did not understand that the future was no popularity contest. He would suggest him to get Curb Stomped by him on the mat in front of the audience and Hulk Hogan. Ziggler said that he had been Curb Stomped before but every time he stood up so he wanted to settle things then.

The Big Show came out to the arena. Big Show spoke while walking along the floor as he said that Seth Rollins was right on the fact that he actually was the future of WWE. So he could enter the ring for him and knock out Hulk Hogan and as a bonus he would knock out Dolph Ziggler too.

Big Show attempted to enter the ring, as he stood on the Apron, Roman Reigns’ music hit and Roman Reigns came out to the arena through the crowd in his usual style. Reigns did not wait and entered the ring. He threatened Big Show as he wanted him to think twice before settling to any decision.

Hulk Hogan asked the fans how they would look at it about Seth Rollins and the big Show taking on against Roman Reigns and the WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler. The crowd cheered in a positive tone. Hogan posed in his vintage listening to the crowd style. He said that since he was running the show, unlike the authority he would give the fans what they wanted. So Seth Rollins and the big Show would face Roman Reigns and Dolph Ziggler in a tag team action on the main event of the show.

Match 1 – Ryback def. Kane – Though Rusev decided to get involved in Ryback’s showdown against Kane, The Human Wrecking Ball was able to knock The Hero of the Russian Federation from the apron and defeat his opponent with a Meat Hook Clothesline/Shell Shocked combination. But after the contest, a double assault by the Russian Superstar and The Demon proved too much for Ryback to handle, culminating in Rusev locking The Big Guy in the excruciating Accolade. Later, as a result of Rusev’s actions, Hulk Hogan decided that he would put his United States Title on the line and wouldn’t learn whom his No. 1 contender would be until he got to the ring.

Match 2 – Naomi def. Alicia Fox – With The Miz watching from the backstage monitor, Naomi overcame Alicia Fox with an impressive Split Leg Moonsault. Naomi performed pretty well in this match, she pinned Alicia Fox with the Split Leg Moonsault finishing maneuver.

Match 3 – Adam Rose def. R Truth – Four days after giving The Bunny the gift of a first-class beat down on Raw, Adam Rose took the fight to R-Truth on SmackDown. And after executing the questionable tactic of hurling the Rapping Superstar into the unforgiving steel ring post, Rose pinned Truth with Party Foul.

Match 4 – WWE United States championship – Dean Ambrose def. WWE United States Champion Rusev via disqualification, Rusev retained – Dean Ambrose def. Rusev by Disqualification — United States Championship Match. Despite a protest by “The Ravishing Russian” Lana over Hulk Hogan’s decision to place Rusev in a United States Title Match, The Hero of the Russian Federation was ready to go. His surprise No. 1 contender: Dean Ambrose! In the final moments of the intense match, Bray Wyatt attacked The Lunatic Fringe outside the ring, bringing a swift end to the match by disqualification. While The Eater of Worlds tried to dismantle his unstable adversary after the bell, Ambrose fired back with a pile of chairs and ultimately sent Wyatt heading for the hills.

Match 5 – Jimmy Uso def. One half of the Tag Team champions The Miz – Despite the fact that The Miz tried to extend a hand in friendship to “help” his opponent, Jimmy Uso instead presented him with the counter offer of a high-flying Samoan Splash for a victory of retribution. The feud is getting quite personal and we do not see such personal feuds in tag team championship feuds, so it is getting quite interesting, we think it should go on for a little long.

Main Event – Dolph Ziggler and Roman Reigns def. Seth Rollins and the big Show – Though Roman Romans Speared Big Show in the height of blockbuster SmackDown’s main event, a little help from J&J Security allowed Seth Rollins to regain the advantage over his former Shield cohort. But once Dolph Ziggler took out both Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble, Reigns roared back with a second Spear of the night on Mr. Money in the Bank for the huge holiday tag team victory.

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