WWE Smackdown 27/6/14 Recap

Jeet / 28 June 2014

WWE United States champion Sheamus came out for the first contest of the night as the show started, followed by his challenger of the night Bray Wyatt.

Match 1 – WWE United States champion Sheamus defeated Bray Wyatt by disqualification in a non title match. Luke Harper interfered during the match when Sheamus locked Bray Wyatt in the Texas Cloverleaf. The Usos came out for the save as they attacked the Wyatt Family. The Usos and Sheamus took out The Wyatt family out of the ring.

The story behind the injury of Daniel Bryan was shown, they showed Kane injured Bryan and the authority was forced to strip the WWE World Heavyweight championship from Daniel Bryan. They also showed that the authority announced a first time ever Money in the Bank ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship and they guaranteed that a new champion would be crowned at the money in the Bank event. They also showed a video promo of all the eight WWE superstars who would be competing in the match. All the promos are really igniting the expectations of this match more and more.

Triple H, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins were looked to be standing in the ring. Triple H said that in this business people always used to refer to period as eras, like the Golden Era, the Rock and Wrestling Era, the Attitude Era, the Ruthless Aggression Era. He addressed the current period as the Reality Era, but he would he think that it would be more accurate if he addressed the particular time as the Authority Era, because the authority was constantly making history.

He gave the example of this Sunday at the money in the Bank pay per view event history would be made, when for the first time ever eight men would compete in a ladder match in a WWE World Heavyweight championship, and that would be not be everything that the fans were going to have at the Money in the Bank pay per view event, they would also have a traditional Money in the Bank contract ladder match where the winner would be allowed to create his own opportunity.

He stated that the brand new WWE World Heavyweight champion and the brand new face of the WWE would be non other that Randy Orton, he also said that Seth Rollins would win the traditional Money in the Bank ladder match and would earn a WWE World Heavyweight championship ladder match anywhere, any place, anytime and whether the fans would like it or not, that was what best for business.

Randy Orton and Seth Rollins started arguing over a matter and Triple H stopped them from fighting and said they should trust each other because he did. And he announced a one on one match next between Seth Rollins’ former partner Dean Ambrose and the WWE Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett.

Match 2 – Dean Ambrose defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett in a Non Title match. Ambrose pinned Barrett with the Dirty Deeds finishing maneuver. Jack Swagger came out after the match and attacked Barrett. Ambrose attacked Swagger and beat him down. Barrett was kept beating Swagger as Seth Rollins attacked Ambrose from behind and beat him down. It was a massive fight between the four individuals.

Match 3 – WWE Divas champion Paige defeated Cameron in a non title match. It was an easy victory for the Divas champion. Paige pinned Cameron with her Paige Cutter finishing maneuver. After the match, Paige and Naomi taunted each other.

Backstage Goldust and Stardust cut promo on their match against the Rybaxel at Money in the Bank pay per view event.

Match 4 – Alberto Del Rio and Cesaro defeated Rob Van Dam and Dolph Ziggler by submission. It was a very good tag team action, all four individuals performed pretty well in this match. Alberto Del Rio made Rob Van Dam with the Cross Arm Breaker. After the match, Cesaro nailed his own tag team partner Alberto Del Rio with his finishing maneuver The Neutralizer just to show that at Sunday everybody would be fighting for himself.

WWE Tag Team champions The Usos were interviewed by Renee Young backstage where they talked about their tag team championship match at Money in the bank pay per view event against Luke Harper and Eric Rowan.

Match 5 – Rusev defeated Sin Cara by Submission. After the match, Big E came out and condemned Rusev and Lana for attacking America again and again, he talked about the greatness of his country. In return Lana laughed very loud and Rusev just stared. Big E challenged Rusev to fight but Lana prevented Rusev and they left.

Footage of last week’s Monday Night Raw where Stephanie McMahon confronted Vickie Guerrero and made her compete against Stephanie in a mudhole match where if Vickie was defeated she would be fired. Stephanie McMahon defeated Vickie Guerrero in that match and fired her from WWE. After the match, Vickie made Stephanie test the mud.

Main Event – Roman Reigns defeated Kane by disqualification. The match was going well and when Reigns looked to be in control of the match randy Orton attacked Reigns. Reigns fought Orton and Kane choke slammed Reigns. Kane brought a chair inside the ring and placed it under the titles. Kane let Orton climb the ladder and snatch the titles. Orton taunted with the titles Kane attempted to choke slam Reigns again but Orton prevented him as he wanted to beat Reigns himself. Before Orton could kick Orton into the face Reigns speared him suddenly, he also speared Kane. Roman Reigns celebrated with the WWE World Heavyweight championship as the show went off air.

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