The show started as the WWE tag team champions Damie Mizdow and the Miz was seen standing inside the ring. The stage was decorated in the style of the Miz TV. The Miz welcomed the fans to the Miz TV. He said that there were a lot of major moments at Survivor Series, most notably, he became WWE Tag Team champion. But that was not the only shocking thing that happened because right now he had an exclusive interview with the giant man who took a giant chance when he changed his allegiance mid way through the Survivor Series match and knocked John Cena. He requested the fans to welcome the Big Show.

The Big Show came out to the arena. Photos of Big Show’s betrayal at Survivor Series were shown during his entrance. They also showed the footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw where Big Show tried to explain himself and loathed the superstars who was whispering about his action on his back and calling Big Show a traitor. He said if anybody had to say anything to him, he wanted them say it on his face. Eric Rowan came out to the arena. Big Show mocked Rowan and said if John Cena came out to confront Show it would have been okay, what Eric Rowan would have to say. Rowan took the mic from Big Show’s hand and said that he did not like bully and he attacked Big Show straight. He grounded Big Show with a spin kick. Big Show escaped the ring and avoided the fight.

Miz said that he was talking to a lot of superstars on the back and they had a lot of negative things to say about him, John Cena called him a traitor. Miz said that he thought joining team Cena was his biggest mistake.

Big Show said that finally someone understood his situation. Miz was absolutely right, Big Show should have never joined team Cena. He needed to do what was best for him. He had to take care of his family, the fans did not understand that. People wanted to call him traitor, because everybody wanted to settle a quick judgment.

Daniel Bryan came out to the arena. He told Big Show that Show told last week on Raw if anyone had to say anything to him, he must come to him. Bryan said that he was somebody who had something to say. He asked the fans if they were ready for Daniel Bryan Smackdown. He said that he was running the show on that night, and he had some great matches. First he was going to put Ryback one on one against Seth Rollins for the first time. Next he announced a championship match, he announced the Intercontinental championship match between the champion Luke Harper and the former champion Dolph Ziggler.

Miz interrupted Bryan and told him not to try to stealing Miz’s spotlight. Bryan said that he could not steal his spotlights because Mizdow was already doing that. Bryan said that he had one more special announcement for the night. Big Show interrupted him that they did not want to hear from him and they were not interested in his plans. It was about Big Show right now, not Daniel Bryan’s Smackdown.

Bryan said that it was true, it was actually about Big Show, actually it was about everything. He reminded that on Raw he told Rusev if he did not say the pledge of allegiance he had to defend his title in a Battle Royal. He refused to say the pledge of allegiance, so he would be defending his championship tonight in a twenty man over the top rope battle royal, and that match would be next.

Match 1 – Twenty Man Battle Royal For the WWE United States championship –

WWE United States champion Rusev defeated 19 other superstars to the championship

Details of the match –
List of the Participants of the battle Royal –
#1 – The Miz
#2 – Damien Mizdow
#3 – The Big Show
#4 – Eric Rowan
#5 – Goldust
#6 – Stardust
#7 – Cesaro
#8 – Titus O’ Neil
#9 – Heath SLater
#10 – Justin Gabriel
#11 – Jimmy Uso
#12 – Jey Uso
#13 – Curtis Axel
#14 – Adam Rose
#15 – Diego
#16 – Fernando
#17 – Jack Swagger
#18 – Sin Cara
#19 – Tyson Kidd
#20 – Rusev (the defending WWE United States champion)

Order of Elimination –
1. Justin Gabriel by the Big Show
2. Sin Cara by the Big Show
3. Heath Slater by Eric Rowan
4. Curtis Axel by Cesaro
5. Adam Rose by the Los Matadores
6. Diego by the Big Show
7. Fernando by the Big Show
8. The Big Show by Eric Rowan
9. Eric Rowan by Rusev
10. The Miz by Goldust
11. Damien Mizdow by himself
12. Goldust by Jack Swagger
13. Stardust by Jack Swagger
14. Jimmy Uso by Titus O’ Neil
15. Titus O’ Neil by Jey Uso
16. Jey Uso by Tyson Kidd
17. Tyson Kidd by Jack Swagger
18. Cesaro by Jack Swagger
19. Jack Swagger by Rusev (Rusev retained the championship)

Bray Wyatt came out to the arena. The story so far between Bray Wyatt and the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose was shown. Bray Wyatt entered the ring and started things off in his typical style. He said as Dean Ambrose started to climb the ladder at Survivor Series, he looked just like an angel ascending to the heavens and he took away the smile from Bray’s face.

But just like he told him before, they did not get much room for people like them up there. People like them belonged at somewhere different. He could only feel those steel chairs crashing down on him, and the pain. When he was delivered the pain, he thought he felt him. But he only failed himself. If Dean needed to get out of all misery, he needed to come to Dean. He said that he would change Dean and TLC through tables, ladders and chairs. He would finally smile and would put Dean back where he belonged.

Match 2 – WWE Divas champion Nikki Bella defeated Emma in a nontitle match. Nikki Bella pinned Emma with the Nikki Rack Attack. After the match, Nikki Bella mentioned AJ Lee and said that she worked harder than her and Nikki was the real champion. She said that AJ Lee would always remain the pathetic manipulative little girl from New Jersey. AJ Lee came out and attacked Brie Bella. AJ jumped and sat on Brie Bella’s belly and unloaded punches on her face. Brie somehow avoided the fight and both Bellas left.

Match 3 – Ryback defeated Seth Rollins via disqualification. The match was going really good, Ryback looked to be the in the dominant position before Kane attacked Ryback with a steel chair. Ryback, however, avoided the attack and hit a Spine Buster on Kane. Ryback attempted to attack Kane with the steel chair before Seth Rollins stopped him, Kane nailed Ryback with a big boot. Kane beat down Ryback with the steel chair. Kane ended up with a Choke Slam on Ryback on the steel chair.

Match 4 – The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods) defeated Heath Slater, Titus O’ Neil and Curtis Axel. It was the debut of the New Day and they looked quite impressive. Heath Slater pinned Heath Slater to earn the victory for his team.

Footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw was shown where the authority vowed good byr to the WWE Universe. Stephanie said that team would have won easily, but they could not because of one man. One man who never stepped in a WWE ring, one man who in one night changed the entire face of WWE history forever, and that man was of course Sting.

The fans cheered really loud to hear the name of Sting. She said that because of him the authority was out of power, and because of her father; the chairman and CEO of WWE, only person who could rehire the authority was John Cena. But they stood before them on that night not as losers, but as leaders, as winners, because at the end of the day they still had their corporate responsibilities. They might not have any influence over the lives of the WWE Superstars and Divas but they still have each other.

Triple h said He asked who was going to make those decisions on their behalf now, was it going to be John Cena, was it going to be Dolph Ziggler, or was it Sting. Triple H said that Sting made a big mistake by involving his painted face on their business, it might be a tempt of standing with Triple H on the same ring with thirty seconds to make his career relevant somehow.

But whatever it was, it would be a matter, because ironically, his first night in a WWE ring was his last night in a WWE ring because the fans thought the authority might not be in power, what they really did was ensuring the demise of the WWE, when the authority would be in power again, they would make things better. They had a greater responsibility than them.

They cheered for team Cena, and stood against the authority because they had that luxury of not knowing what they knew, that the things they did for all of them was seemingly cruel and sadistic or what it took to make the WWE thrive.He wanted the fans to cheer because the authority was going to leave now. He wanted them to mark his words, they would beg for them to come back.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon attempted to leave the ring. Daniel Bryan’s music hit and the former WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan came out to the arena. He came out to the ring doing the ‘yes’ chant with the fans. They went near Triple H and started chanting ‘yes.’ Then he went near to Stephanie McMahon and did the same thing. The fans were going totally wild as they joined Daniel Bryan. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon left the ring, Bryan followed them back again he chanted ‘yes’ on their face to irritate them.

He first did it on the face of Triple H and then he did it in front of Stephanie McMahon. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon remained quiet, and swallowed all the embarrassments as they left the arena slowly.

Daniel Bryan went back to the ring and said he was put in charge running Monday Night Raw. Team Authority; Seth Rollins, Kane, Rusev, Luke Harper, Mark Henry, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury came out to the arena. Bryan told them that he was not a spikeful man, they were not going to strip anyone of them from their titles, they were not going to put them in any unfair match, he was a fair man, and he would prove it. He made some curious decisions for the team authority member, putting Seth Rollins in a handicap match, making Kane a laughing stock, and some other decisions for the other members.

Main Event – WWE Intercontinental championship – Dolph Ziggler defeated the WWE Intercontinental champion Luke Harper by count out, Harper retained. After the match, Harper attacked Ziggler. Ziggler fought back and nailed Harper with the Zig Zag. Ziggler celebrated as the show went off air.

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