The Big Show entered the arena first as the fans cheered for him. Then came the mysterious Bray Wyatt along with his followers Eric Rowan and Luke Harper.

As the match started, Bray Wyatt went straight to Big Show to attack him with punches but Big Show pushed him away and Bray Wyatt fell down to the ground. He sat close to the turn buckles as he used to do. Big Show went to attack Wyatt and he dummied the attack, he kept punching on Big Show’s back and stomach as Big Show turned to him. But once again, Big Show came out to be heavier in front of Bray Wyatt as the largest athlete of the world grabbed the throat of Bray Wyatt and threw him out of the ring.

Bray Wyatt stood near to the announce table as his partners Eric Rowan and Luke Harper came out to give him their helping shoulders. The referee started counting him down but Bray Wyatt went inside the ring by the steel steps.

Wyatt ran straight to the Big Show and pushed him on his chest to taunt him. Big Show grabbed Bray Wyatt’s head and took him to the turn buckle near him. He unloaded on Wyatt with the wild punches; he ended up with the slap on Wyatt’s chest. Wyatt took a few steps away as Big Show connected a head butt on Wyatt’s head which once again pushed Wyatt to the turn buckle.

Bray Wyatt stood up fast and attacked Big Show with some punches. The punches did not seem to be very hard for the Big Show as he grabbed Wyatt’s throat with his left hand. Wyatt countered with a kick on Big Show’s knee, Big Show left Wyatt throat as Wyatt connected an upper cut.

Wyatt tried to hit a running move but as he came back from the ropes he was knocked out by Big Show as Big Show used a big boot. Big Show tried to knock out Wyatt with a running drop on the grounded Wyatt but Wyatt the dummied the move as Big Show looked hurt.

Wyatt unloaded with some wild as he did not want Big Show to stand up on his feet. After some kicks, upper cuts and a should drop, Big Show lied down straight in pain. Wyatt tried to pin Big Show with a running Swanton drop but Big Show kicked out in two.

After that Wyatt made some disturbing moves near to the Turnbuckle which would remind you of the film Exorcist. As he ran towards the Big Show, Big Show connected back to back clotheslines. Big Show pushed Wyatt to the turn buckles, and tried to knock him out by running towards him but Wyatt dummied the move. He ran towards to the Big Show and connected a flying body on him.

Once again he tried to connect a flying body, Big Show tried to prevent it with a big boot but Wyatt hold his leg and hurt it. Eric Rowan distracted the referee from outside as Luke Harper punched hard on Big Show’s face. Bray Wyatt then pinned Big Show with the Sister Abigail finisher.

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