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Recap – WWE Smackdown 31st October

The show started with Divas Halloween battle royal. Paige entered the ring first who came as the stereotype of Summer Rae. She did a good job in mimicking Summer Rae. Then came Natalya who came out in the attire of the Queen of Hearts. Naomi came out next who came out next in the attire of a military. Next came out Summer Rae who played a school girl. Layla was the next diva to come who acted as a clown. Emma came out next who who played Tarzan. Rosa Mendez who played zombie nurse came out next. Cameron, the next entry came out a police lady. Alicia Fox came out next in the attire of a fire fighter. And Nikki Bella came out last who played a black cat.

Divas Halloween Battle Royal (No. 1 contender’s match for the Divas championship) –

Order of Entries –

Entry 1 – Paige
Entry 2 – Natalya
Entry 3 – Naomi
Entry 4 – Summer Rae
Entry 5 – Layla
Entry 6 – Emma
Entry 7 – Rosa Mendez
Entry 8 – Cameron
Entry 9 – Alicia Fox
Entry 10 – Nikki Bella

Brie Bella was also scheduled to compete in the Diva Halloween costume Battle Royal whom Nikki Bella forced to take the attire of Brie Bella’s husband Daniel Bryan. Then Nikki forced her to go to market to buy some limited edition goodies and did not her let her get rid of her clothes. Brie Bella had to go to the market, in a public place in her weird attire.

Order of eliminations –

Elimination No 1 – Rosa Mendes by Naomi
Elimination No 2 – Summer Rae by Natalya
Elimination No 3 – Emma by Alicia Fox
Elimination No 4 – Layla by Paige
Elimination No 5 – Cameron by Naomi
Elimination No 6 – Naomi by Natalya
Elimination No 7 – Natalya by Alicia Fox
Elimination No 8 – Paige by Alicia Fox
Elimination No 9 – Alicia Fox by herself

Actually, after all the eliminations took place except Alicia Fox, Paige and Nikki Bella, Paige was on one side trying to eliminate Nikki Bella. On the other side Alicia Fox eliminated Natalya and when she came back to Paige she rushed and jumped on Paige. As a result, both Divas got eliminated from the match and the Nikki Bella won the match without even eliminating anyone. So it would now be AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella for the Divas championship as expected and Paige turns to feud with Alicia Fox. We hope both feuds would be good.

Kane, Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble came out to the arena. Kane was scheduled to face WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler in a rematch from Monday night Raw where these two athletes had a hell of a match but the Intercontinental champion took out the victory at the end of the match.

Kane had a mic in his hand who wished the fans Happy Halloween. He said that every year around this celebration time he got a worm fussy feeling inside his chest. There is so much joy to terrify young children and make them believe blood, he asked to himself or was it really make believe. And just when one thought he survived the night, and he woke up in the morning of November 1, the Tricks or Treats were not over yet because just around the corner was Survivor Series. But as for tonight, they, the authority had quite a main event plan. As Cesaro would go one on one against everyone’s favorite the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose, in a guilty pleasure of mind in a Trick or Street fight.

Seth Rollins spoke up now. Seth Rollins said that it would be a hell of a main event. Before Seth Rollins could continue the fans started chanting ‘You Sold Out’ again. Seth waited for a while and listened to the chant with disgusted looks. Then he asked what if Bray Wyatt got to Dean Ambrose before he could make it to the ring. He wanted Dean Ambrose to face the fact that he was going to fell to bray Wyatt just like he fell to Seth Rollins. As the fans booed to hear this, Seth Rollins said that he was just being honest, the fans could not boo him for speaking the harsh reality. Seth asked the fans what he did, the fans kept booing him.

Seth continued as he asked the fans if they had any idea how lucky they were to be in the arena on that night. They were in the presence of the greatness, and on top of that, they were some of the first people to be led in on the authority’s plans for Survivor Series. He asked whom John Cena was going to recruit for his team. Who would be stupid enough to join team Cena. Who would go against team Authority knowing the consequences that they would be suffering. Kane said that it was a great point. And speaking of Cena, there was already one superstar who was associating himself with John Cena. He was talking about Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler came out to the arena for his match against Kane. Footage from last week was shown where Ziggler was able to snatch out a victory.

Match 2 – Kane defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match. Good match, Kane pinned Dolph Ziggler with the Choke Slam.

After the match, Kane choke slammed Ziggler again. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury came in and beat down Dolph Ziggler. Kane announced another for Dolph Ziggler against Seth Rollins which was next.

Match 3 – Seth Rollins defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match. Seth just came in and pinned Ziggler with the Curb Stomp. After the match, the authority stood tall over Dolph Ziggler.

Match 4 – Ryback defeated Heath Slater. Ryback pinned Heath Slater with Shell Shocked.

Funny backstage segment between Adam Rose, his rose buds, Gold & Stardust, Sin Cara and R Truth.

Miz TV was next with Mark Henry as the special guest. 

The Miz welcomed the fans to the special Halloween edition of the Miz TV. Damien Mizdow was beside him who kept mimicking Miz, it was the funniest part of the show.

Miz said that last week on Monday night Raw they founded out that at the Survivor Series pay per view it would be team Cena vs. team Authority in a traditional Survivor Series tag team elimination match. He talked about himself and addressed himself as an A lister, Mizdow from the other side ‘And his stunt double.’ Fans cheered loudly to hear Mizdow.

Miz thanked the fans for cheering and went on. Something more happened on Monday night Raw, possibly a little bit more shocking. He showed the footage of the tag team championship match from last week where Mark Henry turned heel in this match. A little argument was noticed between Big Show and Mark Henry was seen during the match. Big Show was about to pin Stardust after the knock out punch, suddenly Mark Henry came inside and nailed Big Show with the World’s Strongest Slam. He allowed Stardust to take the pin and after the match Mark Henry beat down Big Show badly.

After the footage, Miz welcomed Mark Henry. Mark henry came out as the fans booed him. As Henry entered the ring and sat on a chair, Miz asked him he not just hit one World’s Strongest Slam on his former best friend but three. Miz asked what actually happened which drove him to do such a thing.

Henry asked what he would think might happen. He wanted Miz not to any dumb questions like that. Everybody knew what actually happened. Big Show saw Henry was getting all the intentions, and he just got jealous. Miz asked if there something else behind the attack. Henry enjoyed to see Big Show could not do what Henry could not either. Miz showed a footage from Hell in a Cell pay per view event where Henry was seen happy and smiling when Big Show tapped out to Rusev’s Accolade.

Miz did not ask anything but required an explanation from Henry. Henry said that it was not about America, it was about him. It was about something what he could not do, it was also about success. Miz asked what about last Sunday night. Henry said that Sunday he came out to support his friend. But Big Show never helped him. He continued that for months big Show had been acting like he knew everything. But Big Show was nothing but a tall guy who over acted a little too much. But Henry was an Olympian, he was the World’s Strongest Man. It was not about size, it was about strength.

The Big Show came out to the arena. Big Show stood on the entrance stage for a while then came down towards the ring. Big Show went straight to Henry, Henry tried to escape but Big Show caught him. Mark Henry fought back and beat Big Show down. He smashed Big Show with the Barricade to break it.

Match 5 – Los Matadores defeated WWE Tag Team champions Gold & Stardust in a non-title match. It was a fun match. Maybe Los Matadores are the next no 1 contenders for the tag team championships.

Match 6 – Rusev defeated the Great Khali by Submission. It was a short match, quite an easy victory for Rusev. He made Khali submit with his submission maneuver the Accolade.

After the match, Lana said that had received a message from ‘Mother’ Russia to break the spirit of America. Rusev said that he defeated their real Americans, they defeated their strongest Americans, he had beaten their giant American, and next he would crush their American champion. He threatened Sheamus that he would take the Russian championship away from him and submit it to the great Vladimir Putin.

WWE United States champion Sheamus came out to the arena. Sheamus said that he was looking for this fight ever since he declared a war against the United States of America. To help him understand in easy words, he accepted his challenge. Sheamus said that he took personal pride to represent the United States of America. Sheamus went inside the ring and tried to hit the Brogue Kick on Rusev. Rusev dummied the move and escaped the ring. He escaped the fight and left the arena.

Bray Wyatt came out to the arena and cut an excellent promo on Halloween and Dean Ambrose.

Main Event – Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro in a Trick or Street Fight. It was not much of a Street Fight, but Dean Ambrose was absolutely awesome in this match. We can clearly a great future for the Lunatic after the way he performed in this match. Ambrose pinned Cesaro with the Dirty Deeds. Dean Ambrose stood still like a champion as the show went off air.

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