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WWE Smackdown 5th March – The fight over the Intercontinental championship 

Dolph Ziggler came out to the arena with the WWE Intercontinental championship. Footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw was shown where a mess was created with the title and Dolph Ziggler flew away with it.

After the footage, Ziggler was seen standing inside the ring with a mic in hand. Ziggler pointed to the title and said that it felt right and looked good. He said that he hold a grudge against his boss. It seemed that he never got his title shot for the intercontinental championship against Bad News Barrett. He was not sure why he never got his rematch, the reason might be his Survivor Series success.

Ziggler said that he got a second chance now. He pointed to the championship and said that it meant a lot to him. Last year, winning this title did not only change his career but changed his life. It meant so much to him and now it was back where it actually belonged. That was why he was officially entering the Intercontinental championship ladder match at WrestleMania 31.

Ziggler said that it sounded great but it felt like something was still missing. It felt like someone was missing. Someone he would like to share it at the grandest stage of them all. Someone who proved true determination could lead anyone to the success.

Ziggler was talking about Daniel Bryan but before he could name Bryan, the real Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett entered the arena. Barrett said that he knew whom he was referring to but he belieed Ziggler had something that actually belonged to him. He said that people like him, Luke Harper, R Truth, Dean Ambrose, they were not real intercontinental champions, they could steal his title but they could not change the fact that Barrett was the real and still the IC champion.

Barrett said that Ziggler had no right to challenge everyone for title at WrestleMania. It was Barrett’s title and only he had the right to challenge anyone he wished. Barrett gave him two options, either he gave his title back or he would take it imself from his unconscious body.

Luke Harper attacked Ziggler from back. As Barrett to take the title, Harper prevented him. Ziggler attacked them but they beat him down. Dean Ambrose came out to help out Ziggler. The title remained inside the ring as the four wrestlers started fighting outside the ring. Meanwhile, R Truth came out and stole the title.
From an explosive multi-Superstar altercation at the top of the show to a fierce main event tag team showdown, find out who left SmackDown with the Intercontinental Title in their possession.

Plus, AJ Lee returned to action and Bray Wyatt made a shocking promise about what he intends to do on Monday’s Raw. 

Just 24 days before the highly anticipated Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match at WrestleMania 31, Bad News Barrett’s coveted title continues to be passed around the locker room like a hot potato. Case in point, SmackDown opened with Dolph Ziggler wearing it around his waist.

The Showoff wasted no time officially announcing his participation in the ladder free-for-all on The Grandest Stage of Them All. But just when it looked like he was going to call Daniel Bryan out to join him in the ring, Bad News Barrett interrupted and demanded his title back. Soon, Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose joined the fray and things quickly turned volatile. As the four competitors battled with each other, though, R-Truth snuck in and stole the Intercontinental Title once again.

But would he choose to hang onto it this time?


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