Smackdown Live once again beat Monday Night Raw in terms of story-telling. This week’s edition was another compact edition where the WWE built up the storylines heading into next week’s show, where we’ll see a number of title matches.

Apart from the triple treat WWE championship match, we have been confirmed about the Smackdown women’s title match between Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch, next week. Plus  a huge four corner Tag Team title match will also be contested. The only remaining title match is the IC title match which may be added as we saw a motivated Apollo Crews on the fallout show.

Renee Young was the talking point of Tuesday’s show as he slapped the Miz for trading personal comments to her.

The Talking Smack show took place on the WWE Network and this week Santa Clause joined the show alongside Renee and Daniel Bryan. Renee apologized for slapping the Miz on Smackdown. She was feeling guilty for slapping a superstar.

Baron Corbin appeared on the show in a very good mood after he was offered the main event spot. Becky Lynch was also seen very excited in her Luchador outfit for her title match, next week.

The final guest on the show was Natalya. She said she is sick and tired of putting over new talents. After Nattie’s departure, Renee closed the show.

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