WWE Smackdown was taped this week from Houston, Texas with the newly crowned WWE World Heavyweight Champion kicking off the show. He cut a promo once again of being not a “good” or “bad” guy but just “the guy.” It drew out the number one contender for the WWE championship, AJ Styles who is the crowd’s hot favorite, as of now. After exchanging some promos, Reigns leaves after he had enough of Styles. It is still not sure while Reigns is having his heel run. He is hanging in the balance. But, with his behavior not being clear with the babyfaces, he may be preparing for the much-needed heel run.

Vaudevillains def. Lucha Dragons
The Vaudevillains, Aiden English, and Simon Gotch debuted on Smackdown as advertised on Raw and got a good reaction from the crowd. They double-teamed and ended up picking up the victory against the team of Kalisto and Sin Cara. WWE Creative should think about the usage of the Luchagors individually now.

Natalya def. Summer Rae
With Ric Flair and Charlotte being present at commentary table Natalya won the match against Summer Rae after locking in the Sharpshooter. After the match, Natalya and Charlotte shared a stare-down with each other. Natalya is the most deserved candidate for the women’s championship and the feud is heading rightfully.

The Miz def. Zack Ryder (Intercontinental Championship Match)
The Miz gets introduced by his wife Maryse, who has returned to the company for a role, apparently. She interfered in between the match and as a result, Miz was able to hit the skull crushing finale to retain his belt. Ryder was booked to get the title for one day to give a boost to his NXT run rightfully.

Apollo Crews def. Curtis Axel
Monday Night Raw saw debuts of some fresh talents and Crews was one of them. He defeated Curtis Axel in a quick match up after receiving a great reception from the crowd.

Dean Ambrose def. Tyler Breeze
Ambrose received a huge pop from the crowd upon his return after Wrestlemania. The match was pretty quick and Ambrose picked up the win. Afterward, he and Jericho crossed paths on the ramp and exchange glares.

AJ Styles and Cesaro def. Jericho and Kevin Owens
With these four masters of technical wrestling involved in the match, this match was bound to be exciting. Zayn emerges in between the match to distract Owens and Styles took the upper-hand by rolling him up for the pin. Zayn and Owens brawl to close the show with Owens coming out to the top.

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