WWE Smackdown spoilers: December 12, 2015

Arindam Paul / 10 December 2015

Thanks to WrestlingINC and Sportskeeda for this week’s Smackdown spoilers as it was taped from Jacksonville, Florida.


Lucha Dragons def. The New Day

It was a usual booking before the triple threat match for the tag title that will take place on Sunday and no shock that the masked Luchagors defeated the Unicorns as to carry some momentum heading towards TLC.


Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose contract signing for IC title

Everyone knows how these contract signings go by in WWE and start of a brawl just takes a matter of time to break out. Here it starts with a cheap shot from Owens when Dean backfired and made the prizefighter retreating, while Ambrose signs the contract in the ring, yelling at him.



Ryback defeated The Ascension

If you choose the worst wrestlers of 2015 The Ascension is surely going to top the chart courtesy WWE Creative who had no clues whatsoever what to do with the young tag teams. They have tasted another defeated and that too in a handicapped match against Ryback, giving him some momentum most probably for the Royal Rumble as he is not given with much in TLC.


Dolph Ziggler defeated Tyler Breeze

This feud is approaching its expiry date with no fuel remaining as they are probably meeting on Sunday before moving to separate directions. The show-off took the upper-hand on Smackdown by pinning Breeze.


Becky Lynch defeated Paige

Becky is approaching for the no.1 contender spot for the Divas title as she forced Paige tap out with the submission hold. The situation post TLC seems we are going to get a triple threat match at Royal Rumble involving Becky, Paige and Charlotte.


Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens and Sheamus

The main event saw the WWE champion and the Intercontinental champion teaming up for the very first time and the clue we have got from the match is that the Samoan family is not going to be undefeated at the TLC pay-per-view as Roman’s title hunt seems highly unsuccessful.


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