Mark Henry was eliminated as soon as the match started. As the match started and Mark Henry went near to Big Show, Big Show quickly knocked him out with the knockout punch and pinned him straight. Ryback started to dominate the authority then he was finally knocked down by Seth Rollins’ Curb Stomp, Rusev pinned him with the Side Kick. Rusev was eliminated after that when he attempted to nail Dolh Ziggler through the announce table, Ziggler turned the table on him and Rusev was counted out. Eric Rowan and Luke Harper, the two former partners fought after that, Eric Rowan seemed to be the stronger man but he was aliminated by Luke Harper who received a little help from his partners. Then surprisingly, Big Show backstabbed Cena as he knocked John Cena with the Knock Out punch. Seth Rollins quickly pinned Cena after that. Big Show shocked everyone by this move, his shook hands with Triple H and left the arena allowing the referee to count him out. So the Big Show got eliminated from the match next who counted himself out and eliminated himself. It was down to three on one. But Ziggler performed really well, he eliminated Kane first with the Zig Zag, then he eliminated Luke Harper with the School Boy pin. It was finally down to one on one, Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler.




Triple H did his best to keep this match going. Ziggler attempted to pin Seth Rollins after his Zig Zag finishing maneuver, Triple H knocked out the referee. Ziggler attempted to pin Rollins again after hitting the same finishing maneuver, Triple H knocked out the new referee too. Triple H entered the ring and beat down Dolph Ziggler all by himself. He knocked Ziggler out with the Pedigree and pulled Seth Rollins over him for the cover. Scott Armstrong; the new referee came out to count the pin, and then, it happened. The Sting made his WWE debut.

The Sting entered the arena to surprise everyone. He entered the ring and nailed Triple H with his Scorpion Death Lock finishing maneuver. He pulled Ziggler over Rollins and allowed Ziggler to pick up the victory over team Cena.

Elimination no 1 – Eliminated Superstar – Mark Henry, Team – Authority, Eliminated by – Big Show

Elimination no 2 – Eliminated Superstar –Ryback, Team – Cena, Eliminated by – Rusev

Elimination no 3 – Eliminated Superstar – Rusev, Team – Authority, Eliminated by – Count out

Elimination no 4 – Eliminated Superstar – Eric Rowan, Team – Cena, Eliminated by – Luke Harper

Elimination no 5 – Eliminated Superstar – John Cena, Team – Cena, Eliminated by – Seth Rollins

Elimination no 6 – Eliminated Superstar – Big Show, Team – Cena, Eliminated by – Count Out

Elimination no 7 – Eliminated Superstar – Kane, Team – Authority, Eliminated by – Dolph Ziggler

Elimination no 8 – Eliminated Superstar – Luke Harper, Team – Authority, Eliminated by – Dolph Ziggler

Elimination no 9 – Eliminated Superstar – Seth Rollins, Team – Authority, Eliminated by – Dolph Ziggler

Without any doubt, this was the biggest and best debut of the year 2014. It was in some way a little dramatic, but that does not mend anything. Now, the most interesting part to see next will be; what would Sting do now in WWE? is he going to wrestle as a regular? Or, is he going to replace the Authority?


Picture Courtesy – WWE



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