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WWE TLC comes live this year from TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts as we kick things off with some Divas action.

Kick-off show: Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks

After Team BAD introduced themselves with 12 days of Christmas with custom lyrics out came the Irish Beauty Becky Lynch reminding JBL that Irish revolution is going on throughout the professional wrestling industry. As the match goes in progress, Sasha takes the upper-hand immediately as we head towards a break. After the commercial we see Becky managed to come back creating some offenses countering the almost locked in Bank Statement from Sasha but obviously, the number game comes under play for Sasha and the distraction allows her to go for the vicious lock once again and, this time, Lynch taps out.


Tag team championship: New Day vs. Lucha Dragons vs. The Usos

The main show kicks with the most entertaining match, the ladder match for the tag title. Xavier woods joins the commentary table to watch his teammates taking control in the early of the match as they trapped Usos behind a ladder. The Usos and Lucha Dragons backfired though by putting their bodies on the line as expected, but these suicidal moves ultimately favor the new day as the high-flyers get grounded and allows Kofi Kingston to take the titles climbing on the ladders.


 Ryback vs. Rusev

Ryback takes immediate control over the match as he throws Rusev into the barricade, but Rusev manages to bounce back after the action heads down to ring punishing The Big Guy thereafter. Ryback countered and pulls his strap down to finish it off when The Bulgarian Brute decides to leave with his fiancée Lana. Ryback goes after him but accidentally knocks off Lana and Rusev takes full advantage of it by locking the accolade and after some desperation, Ryback passes out.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger (US championship chairs match)

As expected the Mex-American country gets ended officially and Swagger comes out to dedicate the match to his former mentor Zeb Colter. After the match, we begin we witness some vicious encounters between them both, with steel chairs in hand. Swagger capitalizes locking in the patriot lock, but Del Rio manages to carry himself to the floor. He even tries with the Swagger bomb but fails to win. Del Rio connects with the double-stomp through some piled up chairs to pick up the win.


8 man tag team elimination match: The Wyatt Family vs. The Dudley Boyz, Tommy dreamer and Rhyno

We quickly get the first elimination as Dudleyz put Eric Rowan through a table, but Rhyno gets a big boot from Harper to even things. Dudleyz obliges to the fans as they chant ‘we want tables’ but things gets backfired as Wyatt drives D-Von through the table and thereafter Harper delivers the discuss clothesline which leaves Bubba high and dry. He tries with some desperation with some liquid fluid to set up a fire table but gets super kicked on the way and again put through the table to win the match.


Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose (Intercontinental Championship)

It’s the IC champ who gains the upper hand in the early part of the match and keeps it with a belly to belly suplex to put him down. Owens sets him up for a pop-up powerbomb, but Ambrose ducks it and hits the Dirty Deeds to pin the champion, but he keeps his fingers while gets pinned. So seconds later, Owens goes for another powerbomb and fails again and this time, Ambrose gets the legitimate pin to become the new Intercontinental champion.


Divas championship: Charlotte vs. Paige

Paige comes out first with a good reaction from Boston crowd whereas Charlotte is out with his father and ‘naitch’ mannerisms. The father-daughter duo goes for some dirty games in the early part of the match. Paige gets her payback though with her own moves and locking Charlotte in her own figure-four leg lock. Paige connects with the Rampaige but once again Flair helps her by putting her legs onto the ropes. Charlotte puts Paige in the exposed middle turnbuckle to pick up a dirty win.

WWE Championship match TLC match: Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus

Reigns take full advantage of the no disqualification situation with some constant punches and laying him down in the time keeper’s area as he feels the effect in his side of the head. Sheamus grabs some momentum by hitting the White Noise through a table, but the Samoan superstar comes even stronger with a superman punch with a steel chair in hand as Sheamus literally passes out at this stage. Somehow, he manages to recover and fells Reigns down and makes a climb of his own. Reigns hit him with one of the best superman punch ever driving him through tables and a huge pop coming his way as he is split seconds away from taking the gold. As expected, League of Nations comes out to interfere the match. Reigns tries to keep Sheamus down but eventually gets a Brogue Kick. Sheamus unhooks the belt to keep the title.


Reigns loses his mind after the match as he attacks Triple H with some chair shots and drops him into the Spanish announce table as Stephanie is pleading. “You can kiss roman Reigns Goodbye” was the motto of Reigns as he grabs an American table instead and put the boss through it. The attack ends with a crazy spear sprinting all around the ramp and the crowd literally explodes. The show ends with Roman getting a huge pop from the Boston crowd and Stephanie checking her husband outside the ring.



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