The Royal Rumble pay per view saw huge success this year. Whereas most of the talking are going on with AJ Styles there are two other headliners as well. The rumors regarding the future of Undertaker and the involvement of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson at WrestleMania are dominating the mill. There are some other speculations regarding John Cena and a huge NXT star.


John Cena to return early

Considering the superhuman Cena is, he can make a comeback in February itself. The injury that he has, takes at least 6 months to nag fully but as posted earlier he is hitting the gym and working out, the internet is pointing out to a surprise comeback from the Cenation leader. There’s no clue whatsoever what’s his next feud is going to be, though. No good news for Cesaro fans as he is expected to miss at least six long months to return to action.


WWE to hire UFC fighter

According to the rumors, WWE is high on hiring former UFC fighter Matthew Ridlle. The fighter is now in contract with WWNLive to work for an Evlove event. He had an 8-3 record in his MMA fight career and certainly had the charisma to pull it off in the big league. The rumor is his interest in WWE helped him to get the contract in Evolve. After landing him in NXT, WWE is trying to make him a big star in the main roster.

Bad news for Austin Aries fans

Fans were excited after hearing Austin Aries’ inclusion on the roster. They started dreaming of some interesting feuds in the main roster itself. But, insider news says that he is exclusively signed for only NXT and so he will be there in the long run. So, there’s no chance for him to come into the main event scene. Even Finn Balor will not be called anytime soon and will continue to the face of the NXT brand.


Good news for Undertaker fans

Undertaker fans will be very happy to hear that this Wrestlemania will not mark the end of his legendary career. Rumor is, he is in great shape and will continue for another year. Another speculation is, he will face Braun Strowman at the grandest stage of them all. Now, a rookie like Strowman will not be appreciated by the fans for sure and they can be assured that WWE has responded in the same way and cancelled the idea.

The People’s champ’s involvement

The appearance of the Rock in Wrestlemania is now confirmed and the role is still in speculation. As of now, it is said that Rock will be in the corner of Reigns once again. WWE is planning to make Reigns win at the Fastlane main event triple threat match and then go on to face Triple H at Wrestlemania, which will be a career defying moment Reigns in the presence of the Great One. Vince McMahon will be in his son-in-law’s corner, on the other hand, to make the match more dramatic.


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