The injury list is increasing day by day in WWE, this time around the former WWE champion Sheamus is added to the list. It has been revealed that Sheamus is suffering from tendentious in his left arm. 

The doubts came when Sheamus posted a photo with his left arm heavily taped and it was noted that the injury was legitimate indeed. Sources though say that it’s not serious and he’s just dealing with “tendonitis in the arm.” 

It is also confirmed that the Celtic Warrior will not miss a single episode of taping this week and further. If he will be unable to wrestle then other members of League of Nations will fulfill the slot.

But here is the opposition because Del Rio also is the next name to join the list and King Barrett is already nursing a neck injury and in spite of that, he appears on television. Looks like League of Nation can be sidelined from sometimes now. Nothing is confirmed, though, following RAW and Smackdown, hopefully, we will get some answer.

A sidelined superstar may gain benefit from Del Rio’s absence, though, in the name of the Miz. Del Rio has been in the main event picture since his return in WWE winning the US title. Del Rio finally dropped the title back to Kalisto at the Royal Rumble and also featured in the Royal Rumble match. Del Rio was suplexed by Brock Lesnar and has hence suffered a back injury.

The Miz has already replaced the Mexican superstar in the live event of Chattanooga and if planning falls rightly WWE is set to replace Del Rio with the Miz during the upcoming episodes of RAW and Smackdown. It seems the A-lister might get into a feud with Kalisto with the United States title being on the line.


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