The Mumbai teenage boy Pranav  Dhanawade has become an overnight hero across the cricket world after he notched up record breaking 1009 runs during an inter-school competition match at Kalyan, Mumbai.

The 15-year-old boy plays for KC Gandhi High School. He is a son of an auto-rickshaw driver. He broke 117 years old record. Pranav scored a record 1009 out innings against Arya Gurukul, Kalyan, which is the highest ever individual score in any form of cricket. He has achieved this record in a school match during the U-16 HT Bhandari Trophy Inter School Cricket Tournament.

Before Pranav’s 1009, the highest score in any form of cricket was 13-year-old England batsman Arthur Collins’s 628 against. But, unlike Pranav’s innings Collins was dropped 80, 100,140, 556 and 612 in a smaller ground. Coincidentally Collins was born at Hazaribagh now in Jharkhand in 1885, where his was a judge.

But, 15-year-old Pranav scored the runs inside one and half days. He was not out on the first day for 652 off 199 balls. On the second day, he created 921 runs before the lunch. His finally declared the innings for 1465, which is also the highest score in any levels of cricket.

Pranav was not out on 1009 off 323 balls. His strike rate was 312.38. His innings was comprised off 59 sixes and 129 fours.

Here is how World media reacted to this World record


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