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Leander Paes – Age is just a Number

  • Leander Paes who is now 40 years of age, has done so much for the country giving the youngsters a lesson with fitness one can attain heights in the life. His volleys, net play, backhand and drop shot are impeccable which the opponents have no answers for it.

    While pairing up with Mahesh Bhupathi, he created havoc for the opponents but due to some disputes he has left Mahesh Bhupathi and now partnering Radek Stepanek. I think his role of guiding the new young Indian tennis player is crucial.

    While he has led India to gold medal in the Asian games with Saina Mirza and also the men’s double gold medal in Doha that was a moment that will be remembered by the all fans of the country. I think the way he never gives up and if loses a point he tells his partner to stay calm and focus on the next point.

    The way he enjoys a point is big motivation for young players who want to take tennis as a game in his carrier. His personality is so great that the way he talks speaks about the achievements that he has done. I think he should open a training school for the youngsters so that he can teach the budding players of the country the basics of the game.

    Winning 14 Grand Slams is big achievement in his tennis career. I think when it comes to playing for the country at major tournament like Asian games, Olympic games he should partner an Indian. The All India Tennis Association should see that such situation should not occur and healthy competition is necessary and player like Leander Paes are needed.

    Playing with foreign players I think he is more comfortable and the decision of Mahesh Bhupathi of leaving the genius is big mistake and it is a loss for Mahesh Bhupathi. His fast serves and fitness is marvelous which cannot be denied but the finals of 2013 US Open is crucial for him.

    His contribution in Davis Cup for India has been brilliant. When the team was down he and his partner has brought the Indian team back into the contest. His doubles record is great with 40 wins and 10 losses and he has played the most of number of matches for India with 50 matches. Winning the matches out of nothing is great quality in him. He should play for another 1 year and after retiring he should become the coach and get the best out of the youngsters.

    A humble person with determination and the ability to focus on the game, giving the opponents no time to think to react at the net, getting medals for the country and giving his all. That says it all about this man which talks about how age is no barrier. Winning the prestigious awards like Padma Shri, Arjuna Award and the Rajiv Khel Ratna award, talks about the achievements of Leander Paes with Tennis in India.              


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