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3 boldest predictions for WWE Fastlane

  • The last pay per view before the grandest event of Wrestlemania is bound to give us some shocking moments out of nowhere. WWE has already booked a blockbuster main event as Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar will fight it out for determining the number one contender spot for the WWE title. Though, the entire show will be sold with this match’s hype WW should book with one or two bold decisions to make the show even more successful. Such decisions have made the Royal Rumble PPV a huge success despite negative fan reactions and follow the same this time too. Here are the bold predictions.


    Honorable mention: Sasha banks becoming Divas champion

    WWE Universe was seen backing Sasha banks since her debut in the main roster but somehow WWE has not brought him into the spotlight yet. Her much-anticipated inclusion in the title picture was taken well by the WWE Universe. Though she is already booked for a tag team match for the Fastlane PPV, a blockbuster decision will be booked if she somehow becomes the new WWE Divas champion at the event by Stephanie McMahon. Considering, Charlotte will be booed out of the building after her retention and Brie Bella is riding high only because of emotions surrounding her and will be nowhere around the title during Wrestlemania, the crowd will erupt if the boss walks out with the belt.


    3. Goldust and Stardust reunites

    Two of the most common things in WWE in recent weeks are Stardust tweeting it out with the news that the Stardust persona is finished and Goldust trying to woo R-Truth as his new tag team partner. Stardust is constantly surrounding with his original character of Cody Rhodes and if returned in the pay per view to reuniting once more with his brother, they certainly will get a huge pop. Remember the last time they reunited, Goldust got a new life in WWE whereas Cody got another title under his name, defeating the Shield. They eventually can challenge New Day for tag team championship, creating things in the tag division more interesting.

    2. Dean Ambrose turns heel

    Dean Ambrose excels the heel quality naturally within him. If WWE lets go him freely in the event considering the scenario between him and his brother Roman Reigns in recent weeks, his heel turn is evident and will be applauded by the crowd in huge ways. They anyway have been bored him seeing as the sidekick of Roman reigns. The “best for business” decision will be taken if Roman reigns and Dean Ambrose is booked in a non-title match whereas Brock Lesnar will take on the Game to win back the WWE title at Wrestlemania.

    1. John Cena returns early

    The Cenation leader is posting in his social media accounts with his training session videos hinting his early return. And, if things go well Cena is all set to make an early miraculous return once again. So, if he shows up at Fastlane, then simply put it will be spectacular considering that such an injury takes almost 6 months to heal up. AJ Styles has arrived in the WWE to prove himself worthy in the big league. Cena showing up as his challenger and make a start of the feud that will lead to the dream match at Wrestlemania will be one ideal scenario. The unexpected return itself, though, will be enough dramatic, speaking of excitement.


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