Huge: Controversy queen Paige returns fuelling the Eva Marie wardrobe malfunction issue
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WWE News: Paige addresses Eva Marie’s wardrobe malfunction issue

  • Despite the fact that Eva Marie is lacking in-ring capability, WWE Creative has always been looking to push the Diva. Since her debut back in the year 2013, she has been re-launched for multiple occasions. In recent past, the same happened when she was drafted to the Smackdown brand with her all-red-everything gimmick stronger than ever.

    This past week, on Smackdown Live, Eva Marie got injured while getting ready for a match. She was hopping down from the middle rope and seemingly captured his right knee after that. It was reported that she suffered a hamstring injury and the referee called off the match.

    On Tuesday Night’s Smackdown Live she suffered a horrible wardrobe malfunction and further escaped from getting an Irish Lass-kicking. But despite the horrendous character she is playing on-screen, the social media is all about praising her and waiting for her much-anticipated debut. The attached tweets will show the support towards the all-red-everything gimmick.

    Her Total Divas’ co-star Paige, who’s been missing from WWE TV taping for nearly 2 months, has raised her voice towards the wardrobe malfunction incident. She has tweeted her mind out to support Eva and said that the incident has made her laugh.

    In return, Eva tweeted further to show her gratitude to the anti-Diva. Indeed yesterday’s incident is one of those rare incidents when WWE intended to go beyond the PG era for good.

    Eva Marie has started her villainous acts from the get-going. The night she was first appeared on Smackdown Live, she was booed out of the building. WWE Creative apparently wants to take advantage of the opportunity and establish Eva as the top heel on the blue brand.

    She has a vast history of botching moves and that makes her the most despised Diva in the Women’s roster. Meanwhile she announced to make her Smackdown debut, next week.

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