Harsha Bhogle

Harsha Bhogle, India’s most vocal and unbiased commentator of India, has been sacked by BCCI this IPL for an unknown reason. Bhogle well respected for his comments on situations of game, stroke, wickets and catches and remarkable moments. He started his career at All India Radio, later joined BBC, ESPN, and also worked in South Africa and New Zealand.  Unlike other commentators, who are former cricketers, Bhogle is a fan of cricket. He is a great teller of the story of a match. He doesn’t create anything on the field, but his comments make watching cricket a beautiful experience. He was announced the sexiest cricket commentator in the world for his romance with the game and use of the word to describe the situations. For him, a team does not matter. For him, cricket is the first thing and country comes second.

Recently BCCI terminated his from cricket’s evening soup opera IPL, but reason is not known. Bhogle himself said Nobody has said nothing. An audacious organization like BCCI can sack him, but commentator like Bhogle will have several paths to choose.

Here are 15 beautiful comments by Harsha Bhogle

1)On Dravid Devastating Form :- ”Ask him to walk on Water and he will ask ”How Many Kilometers”?”.

2)When Michael Clarke got out at Slip but was still waiting for the umpires decision. He said, ”I think he is waiting for Tomorrows newspaper to declare him out”.

3) Geoffrey Boycott once said that Sachin Tendulkar may be a great Batsman but he never got his name on the Lord’s honour board.

Than Harsha calmly replied, ”So whose loss is it, Sachin’s or the Honours board”.

4) When Dhoni sent Starc delivery to the boundary line. Then he said that as ”He had all the time in the world. He could have read a Newspaper”.

5) India last man Narendra Hirwani was coming out to bat when Bhogle was asked by his co-commentator Ian Chappel whether Hirwani could bat. He replied, ”If you make a team with all the No ’11’ of all the team Hirwani would still come at No 11 in the line-up”.

6) After Sehwag was dropped yet again during a tour of New Zealand.

“It is that kind of a day. Sehwag can walk blindfolded across a busy highway today and not get run over.”

7)  When Yuvraj Singh and Robin Uthappa were running riot in a T20.

“This format of the game, like playing book cricket, every page you open, you get four and sixes.”

8) Dhoni was whacking one shot after another until Sachin got on strike and caressed a delivery towards covers.

“We have a surgeon at one end, and butcher at the other.”

9)  When Shakib Al Hasan was bowling dead slow.

“Even the shadow would go faster than the ball.”

10) Looking at the pitch during a recent tour of England

“Looks like Suarez was here.”

11) On the last delivery that Rahul Dravid faced (batting for Rajasthan Royals in the CLT20)

“In a career that is marked by grace, style and beautiful batsmanship. it is a slog that s a slog that ended Rahul Dravid’s career. But once again what was needed.”

12) When Adam Gilchrist dived to take a blinder at Perth

“Some of the seagulls flying here are going to get a complex.”

13)  After a diving, Kieron Pollard could not take  a catch…

“If Pollard can’t reach then it is not a catch.”

14) When Anil Kumble reached his maiden Test ton…

“This is the most romantic moment in Indian cricket.”

15)  When Naseer Hussain tried to take a dig at India not playing at the FIFA World Cup…

” Well Nasser, our boys decided not to participate in the World Cup instead of getting knocked out in the first round without winning a game.”

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