Five of the best fielders in modern day era

Pavan Suresh / 23 July 2015

Fielding plays an important role in the modern day era. With the invention of the Indian Premier League the fielding standards have gone up, including that of the Indian team. The youngsters have improved their fielding a lot and now India have 5 to 6 fielders in the team who can change the course of match with their brilliant fielding. Throughout the world, the best fielders of the team are positioned in important places where they can save runs.

Here are the best 5 fielders in modern day era.

1. David Warner

David Warner is an exceptional fielder in all the formats of the game which makes him a dangerous. He makes fielding look very easy and has the ability to produce excellent run out to turn the course of the match. In Test matches he has 30 catches in 40 matches, 24 catches in 62 matches (ODI), 29 catches in 52 matches (T-20). He is a bubbly fielder and creates pressure on the batsman. David Warner has been great in the Indian premier League too and is one of the top 2 fielders in Australia team along with Steve Smith.   

2. Faf du Plessis

Faf du Plessis is one of the quality fielders around the world in current times. In One day Internationals he fields like a lion and makes the fielding look easy. South Africa is one of the best fielding sides in the World and among them Faf du Plessis is the best. In Test matches he has 12 catches in 20 matches, 45 catches in 77 matches (ODI), 10 catches in 24 matches. In the Indian Premier League, this season he produced some excellent catches. For South Africa he produced some superb catches which makes him an outstanding fielder. He is the captain of the T-20 side.

3. Brendon McCullum

Brendon McCullum is another brilliant fielder who led New Zealand to the final of the World Cup 2015.  He has the ability to field anywhere and tries his best to make fielding easy. In World Cup 2015 he produced something special and also in Test matches against England he fielded brilliantly.  New Zealand is also another excellent fielding side. In Test matches he has 190 catches in 94 matches, 258 catches in 254 matches in One day Internationals and 36 catches in 71 matches in T-20 internationals. He was a wicketkeeper but has left the job as his responsibilities in the team increased manifold after taking up captaincy.

4. Kieron Pollard

Kieron Pollard is another top fielder in modern day cricket. He is not a part of the West Indies team at the moment but his fielding and energy in the field makes him a dangerous fielder.  In the CPL 2015 he has produced some excellent fielding. He is tall fielder and produces some excellent catches which can change course of the match. In One day international he has 50 catches in 91 matches; in T-20 he has 20 catches in 43 matches. In the Indian Premier League he plays for Mumbai and has produced some superb catches in the deep.  

5. Suresh Raina   

Suresh Raina is another brilliant fielder who makes a lot of difference. He fields on the boundary in the end overs, creates pressure on the opponent batsman and does not allow any singles. He dives and with the Indian team having good fielders like Rahane, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, he is also an excellent fielder. He has not played too many Test matches but his fielding in One day International and T-20 has been brilliant. In Test matches he has 23 catches in 18 Test matches, 96 catches in 218 One day Internationals and 20 catches in 44 T-20 matches. In the Indian Premier League he has been a vital part of the fielding team of the Chennai Super Kings.

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