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A few matches in the 2011 World Cup may have been ‘fixed’

Some matches of the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup which was played in the sub-continent may have been ‘fixed’, a shocking revelation has cracked wide open by a media report which has been based of a confidential report lodged by the Anti-corruption and the Security Unit of the International Cricket Council.

A report in the UK’s Daily Mail website penned that the ACSU abided a confidential report displaying that a few 2011 World Cup matches may have been fixed. Leading by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Indian team has triumphed the tournament beating Sri Lankan team in the final at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on April 2.

NDTV.com has been informed by the sources that the ACSU made a normal presentation to the ICC in January 2012. The presentation had been occurred for ‘internal purpose’ and it was not conferred at the board level of the ICC which was abstaining from explaining ACSU’s activities.  It is not going to bear with the illegal activities such as betting and match-fixing also.

The same betting gang has conducted in the Indian Premier League which operated in the 2011 World Cup, the ACSU confirmed on the report.

A total of 470 matches and more than 200 practice sessions were extended by the ACSU to compile the report, the site reported. All international matches are under ACSU surveillance, as a practice.

The gang logroller named as “SB” by the 41-page report, whose illegal movement were chased since 2010. “Five mobile numbers were identified and itemized billing details obtained for each. SB’s each move, including trips to Sri Lanka and Dubai in 2011, were tracked, as were his business dealings,” the report states.

A few eminence players hailed from different teams were likely to be connected with the bookies. One of the bookies accused for offering Rs 50 lakh to the brother of a top player to drop a match. Top players revealed to the ACSU that they were taken after by bookies.

ACSU is not a law-enforcing body. It can at best enquired and advocate. Comparatively, the Indian Board has an anti-corruption unit. It looked into the IPL match-fixing and betting accusation and recommended quantum of bans on erring players. BCCI finally banned former India and Rajasthan RoyalsSreesanth for life.