England always learn the hard way: Paul Collingwood

Shashi / 14 March 2015

On Saturday former England skipper Paul Collingwood said the England cricket team always learned lessons the hard way.

The former all-rounder wrote in a column written for the International Cricket Council (ICC) website that the destructive thing is that it is another 4 years until the next International Cricket council World Cup. They keep coming out of these tournaments saying they have learnt lessons but it really is the time to learn them. They always find out the hard way.

Paul Collingwood said that there is a huge difference between England and other heavyweight sides who were very much at the forefront during the International Cricket Council World Cup. He further said that England need a mental break now and think outside of cricket for sometimes to come out fresh and steady.

He added that the frightening thing is that if they had pushed sides close in the defeats, people would have believed that but there has been such a big gap between the best sides and England. They will need a mental break.

He was quoted saying: “They need to get away from the game, away from thinking cricket 24 hours a day and the anxiety of thinking about it all and really try to recharge as quickly as possible for a tour to the West Indies that everyone will have a close eye on after what’s happened over the last few weeks.”

Paul Collingwood led England to win in the 2010 World T20 in the West Indies.

Paul Collingwood, now a part of the Scotland coaching staff, said that it was disheartening not to make the quarter-finals. He concluded saying that they will move on but it is just so disheartening that they are not in the quarter-finals. But they will understand they have not performed and he thought they had the most skilful team that they have gone into a World Cup with.

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