Real talent never gets wasted. This seems true for the young Indian cricketer who was recently bought by Royal Challengers Bangalore for a whopping amount of 50 lakh only yesterday. Sarfaraz will use the money for a good cause and would buy a new vehicle for his dad who had an accident in 2010. He would purchase the car for his father, Naushad as soon as Sarfaraz gets the cheque so that his dad can travel safely.

Sarfaraz, who is just 17 years old, is the youngest player to enter the IPL auction. He believes that he does not want to show off the new car but only to ensure that his father remains safe. Confirming this he stated “My father was critically injured in an accident in 2010. He fractured his right shoulder and had to be operated upon. I was scared for him. I had thought then that whenever I make some money, I will buy a car for him. I tried in between to save some money, but it wasn’t sufficient. I plan on buying an SUV for him now.”

It is pertinent to add that Sarfaraz was a key member of U-19 World Cup squad and made his Ranji Trophy debut for Mumbai this season only.

Sarfaraz’s father, who is a cricket coach, used to ride on his motorbike from their Kurla residence to Azad Maidan daily to take his two sons — Sarfaraz and Musheer for practice sessions. This journey was not safe as three people were on a single bike and the weight of the cricket kits also made the journey dangerous. Elaborating on his experience on those journeys, Sarfaraz added “I know it is very dangerous to commute like this, but trains are not safe either. There was no other option to reach for practice sessions on time. And after the accident, there is constant pain in my father’s knees. I wanted to provide him a comfortable mode of travelling.”

In my opinion it is really good to see that how IPL is helping people keep their loved ones safe. We can only hope that this journey never ends and we can help more talented players like Sarfaraz to fulfill not only their dreams but the dreams of their families as well.

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