The ICC has announced a broadcasting trial of conversations between the umpires for fans that’ll take place in the five-match ODI series between Australia and South Africa starting on Friday. The viewers will be able to able to hear the communications between the TV umpires and the on-field officials in all the ODIs. 

Here is how it works:

Geoff Allardice, ICC’s General Manager Of Cricket, said:

For years viewers have enjoyed seeing the same pictures as the TV umpire and making their own decisions during a referral or review. Now they will be even closer to the game, hearing what the umpire is saying when making those decisions.”

The broadcaster, the Nine Network, will have access to the communication between umpires and will be able to air those communications during referrals, consultations and DRS player reviews. The consistency of decision-making by TV umpires has been an issue over the past couple of years and several outcomes during the 2013 Ashes in England baffled fans. The ICC said that it hoped the move would help “to make umpiring more understandable to viewers and spectators. It also said that the broadcasting trial could be used in future to select matches in the World Cup next year if it proves to be a success. 

The on-field umpires for all five games of the Australia-South Africa series will be Nigel Llong of England and Billy Bowden of New Zealand. The TV umpires will be Australian officials.

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