Former England fast-bowler Bob Willis has said that Indians are light years ahead of England in ODIs. Willis feels that the way Indian batsmen like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma score 150s and even double hundreds (three Indians have achieved this feat in ODIs) in ODIs makes them way ahead of how England approach in ODIs. 

During an interview with dailymail, Willis was quoted in saying:

“Indian players are getting individual scores of 200 plus in one-day games now and there are light years between them and the way England play.”

When asked whether the limited overs game has changed beyond recognition, Willis said the following stuff:

“Of course it has changed a lot. The adage used to be that you would get to 30 overs and then try to double your score in the last 20. But now, because of Twenty20, you must look to score at least a hundred in the last 10 overs and life is pretty tough for bowlers these days.”


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