IPL 2013 spot-fixing scam scandal: Will push for report to be made public, says Aditya Verma

Shashi / 01 December 2014

The Indian Premier League known as IPL 2013 spot-fixing scam betting hearing in the apex Court has been retreated till Monday, 8th December, 2014. Cricket Association of Bihar (CAB) secretary Aditya Verma told media after the day’s litigation in the Supreme Court.

In a national newspaper, Verma said that next Monday and Tuesday the Supreme Court will hear on the affair and may also give the resolution. The lawpersons Harish Salve and Nalini Chidambaram did the chatter in the court today. Being a petitioner he cannot understand why the Board of Control for Cricket in India that is BCCI and Narayanaswami Srinivasan are demur on the affairs that have been found out. He believes all the charter that Board of Control for Cricket in India known as BCCI have submitted today, he could say that they were created the papers.

Aditya Verma went on to say, that the Supreme Court was also tried to impact on the name of a current central minister. Mudgal Committee led by Justice Mudgal has given his report, then why is Board of Control for Cricket in India that is BCCI objecting? Why is Board of Control for Cricket in India not making the tainted officials and cricketers’ name in public? He is saddened and next Monday and through his advocate he will push for the report to be made open for public.

He added that the cricket authority in India is protecting the players, officials and Narayanaswami Srinivasan. When the Mudgal committee has given the report to the Supreme Court then why the names should not be made open for public? He will push for the report to be made open for the public but those who bring shame to cricket would not be afford on Monday. The court will clean the game and he hopes that Supreme Court will appear as a Man of the Match, as the winner.

Aditya Verma lastly added that they are naming a central minister and the Supreme Court protested why is he trying to influence through a central minister? He could not understand why are they trying to do that?

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