We all know that Ishant Sharma started to leave a good impression with his bowling on India’s 2007-08 tour. Unfortunately it is here where he endures the tragedy of being out of the World Cup at the last moment due to an ankle injury. He is about to say goodbye to his teammates now.

Commenting on his inability to join the team Ishant stated “The public would never have forgiven me for playing with an injury. I tried my best to get fit but I just couldn’t make it.”

Elaborating on the procedure of undergoing a fitness test he added “I was to undergo a fitness test (on Saturday) but I knew it would be a futile exercise. I would not have been able to deliver. I had to take a call.”

When asked about his feelings on missing the opportunity to play in the World Cup he explained “Everyone wants to play in a World Cup, but I didn’t want to let down my country. I tried my very best but I realised I wouldn’t have been 100 per cent fit.”

Showing faith in his team as well as his replacement Mohit Sharma, Ishant said “My good wishes to the team… especially Mohit. He’s a good bowler and I am sure he will perform well for India.”

We hope Ishant’s wishes would help Team India to make a mark in the World Cup and Ishant himself would be fit soon. 

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